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Advice on Blood test tomorrow


I am having my bloods taken at 3.45pm tomorrow afternoon after 2 months on a new dose of Levothyroxine. I couldn't get a morning appointment.

I normally take thyroid medication early morning. Can anyone advise me - should I miss tomorrow's morning dose and only take after I've had my bloods done? Or take at 6am as always.

Many thanks for your help.

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I had the same issue. I took the medication before the test and then was panicking that it might have altered the results.

I called the practise and My GP said it doesn’t matter if you take it or not as the test will show what was happening with your thyroid on the cellular level about 4 weeks ago not at the time of the test if that makes sense.

I have noticed that some people take the pill before and some do not.

It seems like it’s important to test always in the same way so it your previous test was before the pill then I would just wait to take it till after the bloods are taken.

I hope you get more replies which will help you decide!

Goodnight x

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Thanks so much for getting back. Sounds like a plan. Yes I took my before last time too so makes sense to do the same again. x


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