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Red swollen eyes - linked to underactive thyroid?

Hi all!

I was diagnosed six weeks ago with an underactive thyroid and my levels are now normal sitting at 1.3. Six weeks ago it was 8.99. But for two months now I’ve had an on going problem with my eyes, they go red and puffy and swollen and dry underneath, just the skin, not the eye itself. The doctor gave me hydrocortisone cream but it kept recurring so they tried me on Flucloxacillin and that’s not helped either. I’m constantly moisturise with averno and diprobase ointment but nothing is helping.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or might know what this is?

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Yes, eyes can be affected too as well as everything else and this is a list and I think you'll be able to tick off more than a few.

When you state your levels you always have to put the result plus the ranges. Ranges are in brackets and members aren't able to respond unless the result plus ranges are shown. Labs differ in their machines which test blood so ranges may be different.

The very best way to know if our dose suits us is if we have no clinical symptoms remaining and we feel well again. Blood tests are only a guide.


As Shaws says, a result in the normal range doesn’t necessarily mean you’re adequately replaced. Don’t be fobbed off - ask for another blood test in 6 weeks (or sooner!) - one that includes FT4 and FT3.


Hydrocortisone should NOT be used on the face, and especially not underneath the eyes. Your GP should know this, especially since it's the NHS advising against it:


If it’s prescribed by a gp it’s okay, you just can’t buy t over the counter for your face. It was 0.5%, very mild.


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