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Thyroid nodule advice please

So as many of you will know I saw Dr P and started self treating as a tiny dose of Levo wasn't cutting it. Anyway I was never given a diagnosis of hypothyroidism but had most of the symptoms with just in range FT4 and a TSH just under 4. I've tested negative for antibodies on a couple of occasions and ultrasound picked up enlarged thyroid with nodules and a cyst. Anyway I've noticed over the last few months my face doesn't appear so puffy, obviously a good thing but I've also noticed around my neck area it's becoming more defined whereas before I just had a puffy neck. The thing is I think the side of my thyroid that in my opinion was always more swollen if anything looks more noticeable now. I had an ultrasound about a year ago when the nodules were picked up and I'm not sure if it's more noticeable because area is less puffy or it's got bigger. It doesn't feel like a hard lump just sticks out more than the other side. My question is would you go back to the dr and ask for it to be checked again? I kind of feel the doctors think this is all in my head but there's definitely something there. It could be as I say the area is not as puffy but I can't be sure.

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A TSH just under 4 is too high. When you are on thyroid hormone replacement, it should be one or under.

How long have you been on 100 mcg? You should have been retested six weeks after starting on 100 mcg.


Apparently not everyone with Hashimoto's has raised antibodies, so just because test was negative it doesn't guarantee it's not

Have you had vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested recently? What supplements do you take, if any?

Post your recent results and members can advise


Hi thanks for the replies.

Sorry my post wasn't clear, last time my bloods were taken the TSH was just under 1 and my FT4 had raised a bit. I'm only on 25mg of Levo as my bloods never actually went high enough for the NHS to treat me, my GP gave me 25mg of Levo as I said I would self treat. I take Metavive and Nutri Adrenal under advice of Dr P. I also take a Vitamin D Supplement, prebiotics and Zinc and Vitamin C. I don't feel too bad at the moment it's just that the nodule seemed to be more noticeable. I think I will just get GP to take a look. As I said my face and neck don't seem as puffy as they were which I imagine is due to the medication and is a good thing so that might be why it's more noticeable but I guess it won't hurt to get them to check it. Thanks for the replies.


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