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Hot water & lime to wash down Liothyronine

Hello all,

I take my T3 first thing in the morning with a cup of warm water. I then wait about 30-45 minutes to take a cup of hot water with lime. A ritual I’ve been doing for years as I need hot water like most need coffee! I’m wondering if taking the hot water and li me with my T3 would affect absorption properties. As I take UniPharma which is supposed to be kept in a cool place. Any guidance would be appreciated. 100mcg T4 & 25mcg T3 a day. TSH 1.7 a few weeks ago but I feel great so I don’t really worry about stabilising at 1.0 or below.

Thanks in advance Ebony

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Try Googling "Liothyronine absorption + lime". As you feel great on your current dosing and regime I would be reluctant to change anything.

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I very much doubt a bit of lime would affect absorption negatively. Your stomach is full of strong hydrochloric acid, and adding a tiny bit more weak acid to it might, if anything have a teeny weeny beneficial effect on absorption.

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