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A few questions regarding my upcoming blood test

I am ordering the Thyroid Check Ultravit and the blood sample will be taken at my local surgery on the 8th January. The earliest appointment I can have there is 9.10am. I know that it is recommended to fast before the blood test (as well as not taking meds until after), but I am a shaking mess if I don't eat soon after I get up. So will it affect the blood test if I ate breakfast that morning?

Also, I take a Vitamin D supplement and Vitamin B Complex. I was going to stop taking the Vitamin B Complex a week before the blood test. Should I do the same with the Vitamin D?

When ordering the Thyroid Check UltraVit on Medicheck, they ask at the checkout whether you want their doctors to review your results before they send it to you. Is this recommended please? I intend to post my results on here and I also have an appointment with my doctor a few days after the blood test.

Thank you.

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It depends on why you're doing the test. Eating lowers TSH so it depends if that is important. If you need a high TSH for diagnosis of Hypothyroidism or to secure an increase in dose of levo or to avoid a reduction then a fasting blood test is recommended.

No need to stop Vit D, just take that day's dose after the blood draw.

I don't bother with their Doctor's comments, they toe the same line as any NHS doctor regarding thyroid test results.

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Brilliant. Thank you for your advice!


Forgot to add that I'm doing the test as I've never had T3 tested before and I also want to check antibodies and ferritin etc. My TSH and T4 always come back as normal and I'm only on 25mcg of Levo, so wanted to check this further.


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