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Pressure on head, Ringing in ears

Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I'm a 73 old female from the Netherlands. I have been diagnosed with Hashi's about 2 years ago. I want to say hello to everyone here.

I am feeling awful for the last couple of weeks and I do not know why. I have this intense pressure feeling all around my head. Also I have this ringing in my ears (sounds like the ocean breeze). First only upon waking up in the morning, now 24/7.

In the evening I got headache's. Also I have trouble walking straight. Some days ago I even had this strange twitching in one of my cheeks for hours.

I am on 50mcg levothyroxine and 5 mcg T3. I am taking this in this combination since october. Before I only took levothyroxine.

Can anyone help me? Does anyone know this problems?

All the very Best,


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Hi Conny and welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry you've been feeling so unwell. I've had similar symptoms to yours, but they can have several causes. Do you have any recent blood test results (thyroid function, vitamins & minerals, blood count, etc.) you can share with us? Please include the lab reference ranges to aid with interpretation.

Your symptoms could be due to under-treated hypothyroidism, but conditions such as perennial rhinitis, B12 deficiency, and certain neurological disorders could be involved. Have you been able to see a doctor about these problems since they started?

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Hi Hillwoman

Many thanks for your reply. My last blood test results were:

TSH 1.26 mu/l (0.27-4.20)

T3 total 1.56 nmol/l (1.23-3.08)

T4 total 112.2 nmol/l (65.8-181.9)

Reverse T3 410.7 pmol/l (138.6-331.1)

T3 free 4.70 pmol/l (3.08-6.78)

T4 free 17.37 pmol/l (11.60-21.90)

Anti TPO 153 (<34)

I have not yet seen my doctor yet since he's on christmas break until january.

Kindest regards


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There's some room for improvement in your FT4 and FT3. It may be that you are one of the people who need to have their thyroid hormones nearer the top of their respective ranges.

Perhaps you need a small increase in either T4 or T3, since you have been on these dosages without change since October. Normally, we advise people to check bloods 6 to 8 weeks after a change in dose, if there is no improvement.

I would ask your doctor for a full blood count (including ferritin - most important) and also to test Vitamins D and B12, and C-Reactive Protein (CRP).


I forgot to ask, when were these blood tests done?


The thyroid panel was done november 9th this year. I also have the other numbers you asked about:

Ferritin 252 ug/l (10-120)

Homocystine 13.7 (4.5-7)

CRP negative

Leuko 5.7 (3.6-10.5)

Erythroz 4.18 (4.1-5.1)

Hamoglobin 13.2 (12-16)

Hamatokrit 39.1 (36-48)

MCV 94 (80-96)

Thrombozyt 278 (140-360)

Neutrophil 51.7 (40-75)

Lympho 36.5 (18-48)

B12 376 (145-569)

Vitamin D3 68.5 (75-250)

all done 24.10.2017




I can see a few results that could give cause for concern. The raised MCV and homocysteine indicate that your B12 is too low for you, despite it being mid-range. You don't have a result for folate, so it would be a good idea to ask for this to be done. Remember, don't supplement with folate before you supplement with B12, because high folate can mask a B12 deficiency.

Your D3 is far too low, and you doctor ought to be treating this.

Also needing attention are your high ferritin and low haemoglobin.


Thanks Hillwoman

I am taking 1000 D3 daily and also 500 B12 and 200 Magnesium. Together with 200 Selenium. I am also gluten and dairy free. My doctor is recommanding starting Turmeric and Glutathione to lower inflammation which seems to thrive my autoimmunity. I don’t know of any other way to lower ferritin except giving blood. Also after starting T3 my reverseT3 even got higher. I also have autoimmunity against my cerebellar. What are you guys doing diet wise?


I'm glad to hear you're supplementing, but we often find on this forum that higher D3 doses are required to address a severe deficiency. Also, many people take vitamin K2 with the D3.

Have you been tested for pernicious anaemia? I thought I'd ask, just in case you are not able to absorb the B12 you are supplementing.

I am gluten free, and I'm working on becoming dairy free too. Many of us on the forum find these diet restrictions beneficial in treating Hashimoto's.

You say you have anti-cerebellar antibodies. Do you think this problem could be affecting your mobility?


I have this intense pressure feeling all around my head. Also I have this ringing in my ears (sounds like the ocean breeze). First only upon waking up in the morning, now 24/7.

In the evening I got headache's. Also I have trouble walking straight.

An ear infection?

Low vitamin B12?

Do you feel as if the pressure is connected with your ears? You might have something called "Eustachian Tube Dysfunction"


Another possibility that comes to mind is Meniere's Disease :



Please note I have no medical training of any kind.

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Hi humanbean

It does not feel like an ear infection. B12 is on the low side but not too low I think. I will read about the other things you wrote. Thanks for pointing it out.




It could still be that your B12 needs to be much further up than the range they go by here in UK. I think in Japan anything below 500 is seen as too low and your raised homocysteine and MCV could support this. B12 is a supplement you can order online (Jarrow sublingual was recommended to me a few years ago) and would be unlikely to overdose on as any surplus flushes away via the liver. Taking B12 has never helped my symptoms but then I’m only 54 and I didn’t have raised Homocysteine as you do. B12 is an extremely important vitamin as we age.

I found that low vitamin D pushed me into bilateral joint pain (diagnosed as inflammatory arthritis RA) and depression. However after taking prescribed AdCal D3 for 3 weeks I picked and have never had these joint or low mood symptoms since.

That said I’ve suffered from same symptoms as you mention and many more due to additional autoimmunity so please don’t assume your symptoms are necessarily thyroid or vitamin deficiency related. If you address your present confirmed deficiencies plus the B12 you may find this enough. Otherwise it’s worth asking for checks for Menieres and autoimmune diseases such as Sjögren’s - which I have.

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Thank you very much for your indepth answer. I apreciate it. Do you also have autoimmunity against your cerebellar like I do? How do you treat your neurological issues?


I have a systemic autoimmune disease which affects my cerebellum amongst other things. I take max dose of an immunesuppressant but the neuro symptoms continue to progress so my doctors will meet in the new year to discuss.


I see. I feel for you. I hope that your doctors can help you further in the new year.



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Thanks Conny (or Marc?!) but I’m fairly reconciled to autoimmunity these days.


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