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Thyroid issues

I’ve been hypo thyroid for 68 years. For the last last 20 yrs. I’ve developes a resistance to my thyroid meds. So I take the same amount as I did at 18 yrs my T-shirt runs high,

Due to this. 5 weeks go, I walked my dog up the same steep as hill as always. Half way up my heart started pounding and I was short of breath. 5 weeks later I am just the same. Was in hospital. Had echocardiogram, ct scan, ultrasound of abdomen, and every blood test they could think of. Next day, I was sent home with the diagnosis of we don’t know what’s wrong with you. They gave me albuterin for breathing. Turns out I’m allergic to it I got worse. Was also given steroids IV, which didn’t help either.

Saw my Dr. He asked my to try acetozolamide, which I did. Unfortunately it didn’t help. Waiting for a call from my Dr. thought some of you might have an idea about what’s my parathyroid has been doing to me. Have noticed many of you have similar issues.

If you have thyroid issues and your Dr. says your symptoms are caused by anxiety......he or she is full of hooey. I am fortunate to have a brilliant M.D. he’s never said that to my in 28 years. Hope you are all see Endocrinologists.

Will check in later.

What a great and knowledgeable group!


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It’s tsh not T-shirt. Apple loves to change what I right.

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What are your test results TSH,ft3 ft4? When you say your TSH is high why has your dose not been increased?


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