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Pharmacies in Croydon or London SW To get Mercury Pharma 100mg and 25mg?

Hi, can you please help me with "Where can I get Mercury Pharma 100mg and 25 mg in London SW and Croydon " ?

I have terrible side effects with Teva and not great with Actavis.

I was hoping to go on WP but there is still no production, so in the mean time I want to take Mercury Pharma which is the one who give me the more bearable side effects, even that I have a lot of pain in all my joints.

Thank you for your help.

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Have you tried Boots? I vaguely remember they are the distributors for Mercury.


Hi, thank you for your kind response, when I phone Mercury Pharma they confirm that Boots did supply M.P. LEVOTHYROXIN but when I call my local boots they told me that they have only 25 mg but not 100mg.

I then phone Concordia and I did not find any help there , they just told me that I have to ask my local pharmacy to put a special order and phone number that they give me " customer care" !?... No informations which pharmacy name and adress they supply. No great help!


My local Boots supplies their own Almus (Actavis in another package) for 100 and 50 microgram tablets - and, I was told, Mercury Pharma for 25 microgram tablets.

Lloyds (including former Sainsbury pharmacies) tend to supply their own Northstar (Actavis in another package) for 100 and 50 microgram tablets - and, in my experience, Wockhardt for 25 microgram tablets.

That covers two of the largest chains in the UK. Best try other pharmacies, independent or smaller chains.


The other option is to get your GP to prescribe 'Eltroxin' which is the branded item which is identical to generic Mercury (and very slightly cheaper).


Hi, thank you for your kind reply and informations, but I am not very keen on generics.


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