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Go away and die!

I went to see a new GP today (old good one has retired) and explained I was on NDT after she had told me I was overdosed as my TSH was low. She had not heard of NDT. I explained I could not get any of my NDT as the factory was shut, and told her I was ill on Thyroxine. I asked if I could trial T3 only (used to take T4 and a bit of T3) but she said only a Consultant could prescribe it. She said she would write to the Consultant for an appointment, but I pointed out that the waiting list was probably more than 6 months, and was should I do in the meantime.

Just wait for the appointment was the answer. I told her without any pills I would be dead in a couple of months - she laughed! I asked if she was going to take that risk. She just kept repeating "wait for the appointment". It was as if I was asking for some cough medicine!

I have ordered some other NDT, but did not tell her this. So there you have it - hashis is a trivial thing....not worth bothering about...

She then added salt to the wound by suggesting I went private. I told her I am a basic pension and could not afford it. She shrugged her shoulders. End of appointment that was made 5 weeks ago.

I will make a complaint in the new year if she has not done anything. It is unbelievable the ignorance and lack of care.

Now where did I put the gin?

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I am struggling for non-sweary words here. What an absolute ****! How on earth did you keep your cool?

Who was she suggesting you go private with? Not her, I hope?


I hope you find the gin, because I need some too! Unfortunately these docs that make you need to use swear words are a dime a dozen. Just had a visit myself with a new GP. She gave me the whole speech about how NDT is from the Devil, etc. She was condescending, patronizing, and never asked how I was feeling. Needless to say I am on the search for a new GP. Ughhhhh!


That seems to be typical of the level of service you get today. I have had arguements, complained and it still seems to make no difference, apart from I am unpopular and no doctor wants to see me , which is good because I don't want to see them xx

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What a crock of sh*t!

Maybe if someone gives you this response next time you might like to ask them what they would do in your situation if they found themselves in your circumstances. Doubtless she can get a second third and fourth opinion from her cohort and is able to source alternatives to the levo you know makes you ill in a heartbeat.

So far as I'm aware, a shoulder shrug in such circumstances is indeed akin to her saying feck off and die. What a disgraceful state of affairs when medics feel enabled to treat their already paying customers in this fashion.

On a brighter note, there are some excellent offers on Plymouth and Bombay Sapphire gin and Fentiman's tonics at a supermarket near you at the moment. Or try some of this which is a tip-top alternative - Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur. Not that I drink much :D santé and Merry Christmas xx


Oooohhhh - thanks for the tips on the tipples! Much appreciated!

Update - I phoned the surgery and spoke to the manager, who could not actually believe no prescription was written for anything. I would have understood if I had been given a prescription for Thyroxine, but not to give anything seems to me to be negligent. Lo and behold in this season of goodwill, my old prescription has been brought back to life (T4 +T3) without problems, and should be ready for me tomorrow. The Thyroxine will be kept for emergencies only.

I think there may be a note on my file somewhere "dont mess with this stroppy old bat" or words to that effect. When I phone for my blood results, it has been said "oh, you are the one who wants the details...", which always makes me smile.

Off to polish a glass and fill the ice tray. Cheers!

And may I thank everyone on this forum for their continuing support, the knowledge shared has made a huge difference, and the kindness shown to members really really means a lot.

Thank you all.


🤗 so pleased you stood your ground. Please still send the complaint. I’m dumb founded she didn’t know about T3 and couldn’t even be bothered to research it. Indeed it’s the season to be jolly.

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