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Changed my mind on flax seeds

Having read how good they are for digestion, cholesterol and general health I have added a decent amount to my porridge each day - but no longer.

I have resisted articles up to now about their properties potentially increasing certain hormones that are a hindrance to letting the thyroid work effectively.

But having stopped taking the seeds I do feel a small difference and if there is any chance these might be causing an increase In my TSH levels it is now a risk I am not willing to take.

Would be interested to know anyone else’s experience over flaxseeds.

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There are related posts on flax seeds to the right of your post. You can also type "Flax seeds" into the Search Thyroid UK box to see previous posts.


All seeds actually not good for thyroid function☹️ So tiresome with all these foods you need to keep away from😰


Please tell me pumpkin seeds are ok !


Here some reading that may be useful😊



Why not eat beans, beans and more beans. Plus of course nuts!


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