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Thyroid long term

I have a question, it may even be daft to ask. So bare with me please...

Every time I attend hospital or my GP surgery, I keep getting tested for Diabetes...thankfully it comes back negative. However it got me thinking

? Are there over the long term, other known illnesses that accompany Thyroid Problems?

I’m hoping I never get Diabetes.

Thank you in advance for any answers xx

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Consider yourself lucky.

I never get tested for anything else other than thyroid if I don't ask.

Yes, if your thyroid is packed up you have higher chance to get diabetes so be grateful for those tests.

If you have Hashi you most likely to have PA and may have another autoimmune condition(s).

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Probably your Endo is a diabetic expert and it's the only thing he is comfortable with! Doctor has seen your results and thinks he should do the same.


I developed diabetes a year after being diagnosed hypo and being told the good news was that I was not diabetic! Thre months later by cutting carbs and replacing marg with butter I was below the diabetes blood threshold.

Blood test again today.Annual event it seems for diabetes .No doubt the practice is paid for it unlike thyroid tests,


if your thyroid problem is auto-immune then there is a fair chance of developing other auto-immune conditions.

PA or a more general auto-immune gastritis which will affect your ability to absorb vitamins and minerals is quite a likely one (10%-40%). See PAS forum


To add to the problems with diagnosis a lot of auto-immune conditions have overlapping symptoms. Definitely worth getting blood tests done if you are feeling off that don't just concentrate on thyroid but also look at full blood count and vitamins and minerals.

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Thank you All so much for your answers!

Question....what is PA?


pernicious anaemia which isn't actually an anaemia (that's a symptom rather than a cause but was the first symptom really identified when the disease was first identified about 2-300 years ago. It's actually an auto-immune condition in which your body attacks the mechanism that allows you to absorb B12 leading to a B12 deficiency. Can also affect the absorption of other vitamins and minerals as it lowers stomach acidity.

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Thank you, I will look into it x


You are lucky to get tested for anything

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