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How to raise TSH for GP?

I've just had a Medichecks test done in the last couple of weeks and everything is fine but as I haven't been tested at the docs for over a year they are now insisting I have a blood test or they'll not give me my repeat prescription (I'm on 125mcg levo and secretly self-medicate with 12.5 T3!).

I really can't be bothered with them whinging that my TSH is too low at 0.027 so I'm wondering if I can do anything to temporarily raise it? Blood test is on Wednesday.

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My Levo was lowered to 100 mcg when my TSH was in the same range as yours. Was even told this had probably caused my AFib. Saw the cardiologist on Friday and asked her was this true. She denied it, so now I have to fight to get back up to 125mcg.

Good Luck


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I'm in the same boat as you although I managed to dodge GP blood tests for 3 years, it was my respiratory nurse who cottoned on and eventually I had to have the GP test. I have been doing fairly regular BH or Medichecks tests so I knew my free Ts were fine, but my TSH has been suppressed for many, many years and nothing I do, dose wise, brings it into range. The last time it was in range was February 2003, it was 0.55 (0.27-4.2) and even with FT4 half way through range I was very hypo and my then GP increased my dose by 12.5mcg levo and my TSH went suppressed again.

Most recent GP test was 4 weeks ago, TSH <0.02 so lab did FT3 as well as FT4, both just about 50% through range, so whichever GP looked at them must have decided that was OK (much to my surprise).

I'm not sure what you can do to bring TSH into range.



The only way to raise TSH is to reduce dose or stop taking thyroid medication. I doubt stopping meds Monday to Wednesday will be long enough for TSH to rise. Levothyroxine levels halve 7 days after stopping meds. Liothyronine has a shorter half life so should be out of your system 3-3.5 days after last dose.

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Thanks everyone. I will just have to grin and bear it then!


Time wise what Clutter mentioned! But if you’re self medicating and feeling well, why not continue as you know how well you feel. GP is not going to know. He may reduce your Levo prescription but that’s easy to top up if you can get T3. Just a few extra £’s for your health for a while. As you’ll know time scales for your next blood draw. (Although I’d postpone and say you e got a holiday or other function) and push it back to when your TS level will be higher. Although personally I’d explain how well you are self medicating and that’s your priority. What’s the worse that can happen? New surgery?

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I'm going to a new surgery anyway-in Spain! I'm moving next week and had hoped to get a few months supply until I can track down Mercury Pharma levo where I'm going (not that the GP knows this of course!) A few months ago I discovered, after wondering where some new weird and wonderful symptoms had come from, that I had been getting another brand.


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