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Levothyrox in France

In case someone does live in France.

The problem with this article is it´s date.


Eutyrox was available for one day in October, 2nd, to be precise.

Since then there is a lot of silence in the media.

And a lot of suffering.


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Do you mean that patients are having to take the new formulation even though it makes them ill because the old formulation of Eurthyroix is not available? Who are the regulators for drugs in France?


This is exact.

We have to swollow it.

Many here in France are orginised enough to be able to get Eutyrox from Andorre, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Suizerland and even Maroco.

And most have no such luck. Are uninformed.

It´s a very explosive subject, class-action lawsuits beeing filed.

All we want is our old formula back, which has served all right since 20 years..

Pathetic. If it was not for the suffering.

There is complete media silence since october. But doctors write perscriptions for Euthyrox. Noone knows what is going on.

We are hoping for a change. and that the new formula is sincerely investigated.

The new formular had been introduced numerous times , since 2010, in New Zealand, then Israel and Belgium, and elsewhere I forgot, and as a generic here in France.


had allways been rejected by the patients of said countries.

For the sake of untolerable side effects.

Now here , France, we only have this one choice. And people are stuck.

Please keep an eye on this.

Rumor is , Merck will introduce this formula to the rest of Europe in 2018.

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It sounds terrible. I'm so sorry. We've had problems with levothyroxine in the UK too and I don't think scientists understand how it works in patients when it's absorbed through the intestines of people with thyroid disease.

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Levothyroxine is the active ingredient, Levothyrox is the name of our only brand , (made by Merck). So far there are no generics available..


I live in France and take NDT thyroid s which I order myself and T3 which I buy every four weeks over the counter at my local pharmacy. I am sorry I have never heard of this before so cannot help. I have no thyroid and am feeling well.

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T3 over the counter? Bunnyjean,That is hard to believe. What is the name of this please?

And may I know where you get your NDT? My daughter takes Erfa, but our supplier just raised the price (5X more expensive now).

Thank you much.


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