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Has Levothyroxine and Prediabetes got a link

Due to the NHS not being able to budget the T3 I can't get the T3 medication. They have now also done a test for Diabetes. 😡

Apparently I have been "prediabetic" since 2005. 😡

I've been on Levothyroxine for 20yrs.

Levels have been unsteady for yrs

I have now been referred to diabetic classes to get it under control. 😡

Wonder why I wasn't informed all them years ago??

I have just checked the link between thyroid/autoimmune/Hashimotos and raised sugar levels and there is a link between that and leaky gut and diabetes. Annoyed and angry at this.

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I only know a bit about Diabetic due to both parents had it . If your diabetes is just below a level. They will only keep an eye on it if it’s below the level. They will only do something about it if you go over that level. But they should of still told u, was board line. Most people can turn diabetes around. Throw diet. And even on type 2 if your board line can be turned around as long as you keep an eye on it. Diabetic 1 there is no chance.

My mum diabetes never showed up untill she had that 40 test. And lived with it untill she died. My dad only show up if he takes so much medication set it’s off. But even his is still checked every 6 months.


I don't know what diabetes education is like in the UK, but in the US it's abysmal. I'm a T1 diabetic diagnosed as an adult. In case this isn't stressed in your classes, a low carb diet will greatly control blood glucose without risky oral drugs. Tons of great low carb info & recipes to Google. I've been low carb for almost 10 years. Best thing I did for my health. Get a glucose meter & strips to test to know how different foods effect you. I highly recommend checking out Dr. Richard K. Bernstein & his book Diabetes Solution The Complete Guide To Achieving Normal Blood Sugars. It changed my life.

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