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Is there a link between Hashimotos and Eczema?

Hi all

I was diagnosed with Hashi's in April 2013 and am now on 125g of levo.

Before I was diagnosed I had horrible eczema and on the inside of my left elbow and my left shoulder. This cleared up completely after I started taking levo.

However, this past week or two the eczema has come back and is now on the inside of both elbows and on my left shoulder.

Is there a link between the two??

I am slightly concerned my dose might need looking at, however my current GP basically refuses to check any TSH/T4 levels until my yearly review ( i thought as a newbie to all this I would need slightly more regular checks?) even though he tested my iron levels in December and will be again at the beginning of March, he will not check the thyroid!

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You're right, that is too long. And for goodness sake, it's almost March anyway.

How does your gp know you're on the right dose without testing you? So you could be on the wrong dose and he wouldn't know for a whole year?

I don't know if there is a link between your thyroid and eczema but it would be worth seeing what's going on with your thyroid levels to see where you are, and if your skin clears up with an adjustment to your meds you'd have something to look out for in future.

When I met my husband he had terrible eczema and couldn't sleep through the night due to the itching. It improved a lot with a combination of cutting out dairy and coffee and having massage and acupuncture - an improvement on what his doctor offered him, which was nothing.

Good luck. x


I had my original test with TSH >100, I then had two further tests until by TSH got down to 0.64 and that was in July but ive had no tests since then!

I have been thinking about getting a food allergy testing thing done, but some of them can be quite expensive! But it might be worth it in the long run!


Okay, so there was at least a bit of further testing. So does that mean your yearly review is in July? If you're not feeling well I don't understand why they won't do another test now. You could always do a private test. It isn't cheap but costs less than allergy testing.

You could do an elimination diet. It's free (or at least it doesn't cost more than the cost of your food) and could be illuminating. Or just try cutting out dairy. There's a well-known connection between dairy and eczema.

Gluten (wheat in particular) is known to cause inflammation.

You have been very short-sighted in not waiting to feel unwell on schedule! Why didn't you wait for your yearly review to feel ill? :-)


I did start to try to eliminate gluten last year, however I have a major weakness for cake. Might be worth giving it another go.

I know! How dare I be unwell and require more than one blood test a year!!


Don't let that stand in your way! My gf cakes are nicer than my ordinary ones. My husband prefers them too and he isn't gf.


Hi there.

My name is Pam. I have Hashimotos and I also have eczema. I have had manageable eczema all my life but in recent years it has got worse. I believe this is connected with Hashimoto's disease. Here is a link you may find interesting . Last Aug I developed terrible eczema on the soles of my feet which made it painful to walk/stand. Doctors and dermatologists have not managed to get rid of it. I have searched the internet and tried to educate myself. I asked to see an endocrinologist as I have other symptoms too and want knowledge to better manage my health. The thyroid gland produces more than T4 hormone and I intend to ask about other treatments including dessicated thyroid hormone. Don't give up even if you feel fed up. I took years for me to be diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease - repeated trips to my medical centre - to the ENT department with blisters in my throat and nose which turned out to be caused by 'silent reflux' - worrying that I might have to give up my job as an outdoor instructor - worrying because there is something wrong with me but I don't know what. I remember how long it took and it helps me to have the confidence to keep asking for help.

Best wishes and good luck.



Hi Pam,

just read your reply and feel it has come at the right time for me but I am sorry to hear you have been suffering.

Although I have not been diagnosed with hashi's, I am hypothyroid.

A recent test did show I had an increase in one of the thyroid antibodies and although still in range the level is only 1.5 from top of the range.

For the past two months I have started with severe itching on my hands, I have small blisters under the skin which itch like mad and when I scratch they bleed then the skin around them gets really dry. Now in the past two weeks I have developed a rash on the inner elbows and wrist which has now spread to the full inner part of my arms. I do think it is eczema.

What I found really interesting also about your post is the problem you also have with your throat as around the same time as my hand starting with the itchy rash I started to get a problem with my throat. I get a pressure type feeling, but it feels as if I want to put my fingers in my throat and pop something. Sometimes the feeling is on the right side, sometimes the left then other times it feels as if it is right where the clacker is. This feeling comes and goes.

My G.P. said the throat problem was either anxiety or acid reflux.

Do you mind me asking what treatment you are taking for your hashimoto's and what you take or use for your eczema and throat problem..

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thank you


Vitamin D levels ?


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