Hi all just had bloods back. My Vitamin B12 was 778 ref range is 191 to 663 all from diet no supplements and my Folate was 5.6 ref range 3.9 to 26.8 only food no supplements. I remember seeing on this site that folate needs to be at top of range. I spoke to my doctor who said most indignantly that my folate reading was normal for lots of people. I said needs to be higher if hypo in the end he reluctantly gave me 5mg of folic acid to take for 2 months dont think he likes me telling him his job. I have been reading up on folic acid and 5mg is like 5000 mcg isn't that way too much. I have been taking for 3 days and am scared the dose is too high. is it OK to half the tablet dont want to ask his advice as he was off with me to start with and told me stop Googling. Help I need advice

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As far as I'm aware it's B12 that is best near the top of the range and all the other vitamins are best mid-range. At least that's what I've read on here and it seems good advice.

Hi Nanaedake

I eat fresh fruit and veg every day but my level of folic acid is near bottom of range which worries me I havnt taken folic acid supplements before ever and with the exception of vitamin d i take no supplements.The doctor who I asked to call me after surgery was off with me and said you are not deficient but I said I'm bottom of the range and that could explain symptoms I have had over past year like sores on tongue which bled for which at the time I was offered no blood tests just steroid pearls to put on also sudden paleness fatigue I'm getting and dizziness also weightloss. I have tested negative for antibodies and coeliac. why is my level so low

Best information on folate will probably come from the HealthUnlocked Pernicious anaemia website, they know a lot about B vitamins of which folate is one.

Hi Nanaedake

Thanks for that suggestion will have a look tomorrow . I have been walking around feeling awful for ages that and not doing well on levothyroxine maybe the two are linked. the last time I had a load of bloods done back in February this year I was told all within range . now after reading advice on here I ask the results and ranges. We listen to doctors that tell us this whereas we can be low on something and need supplementing.

You'll soon find out if it helps when you take the supplements. Let us know if you start feeling better.

Well dont know if is a placebo effect have only been taking 5mg daily since Friday night but the weird tiredness I have been suffering for ages has not been so bad. Am suffering with dry mouth and palpitations but that could be either linked to low folate or actavis brand of levothyroxine. I'm due to renew prescription and am considering trying get wockhardt or mercury pharmacy brand. my pharmacy don't stock mercury so I have heard boots chemist may stock. Just sick of not feeling well and due to start new job soon.

Good luck with the new job. Hopefully you'll love the job and it'll take your mind off feeling below par. Hopefully that will improve soon too.

Thank you I hope so too😊

I get my MercuryPharma from boots and so far have only had MercuryPharma, my prescription is in 25mg tablets so I take 6 a day to get 150mg. I was told it was the best way to get MercuryPharma and so far 4 years on its worked.

Hi Starfish123

I have actually been into Boots this morning and they said I can get a prescription there for that so will be considering trying it my chemist dont do it. Dont feel well on Actavis

I would say not placebo effect as I had similar experience a few moths back and the folate and b12 supplements have continued to help............if I miss a couple of weeks I go back to sleeping a lot.

Hi Auntyp62

What was your folate before starting on foluc acid supplements

I took 1000 b12 and 400 folate 50 b6 and 50 of b2 for 2 months with massive improvement. I now take solar b complex high potency each day which are similar values. My folate was 9 before I started...........some people are enclined to have high homocysteine, I am one of these and the only way to neutralise the homocysteine is with high strength b vitamins. When I told my endo I wanted to do it he said go for it as it won't hurt you as b vitamins are flushed from the body. Folate is now 24, but I feel so much better than I have for years and have realised I always blamed my thyroid problem but maybe it was this.

how much do you take

I think it was 9


You are not folate deficient because folate is within range. Ideally folate will be around halfway through range so 5mg folic acid should boost level. If you think 5mg is too much halve the tablet and take 2.5mg.

Hi Clutter

Doctor has given me 2 months supply then test again. Does seem strange that over past few days I havnt felt so fatigued. Prior to tablets I was having to go to bed for a while mid afternoon as felt ill with tiredness. these tabs are high strength

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