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Does Tiva now own Actavis?

Hi After 3 months bad experience with Tiva changed to Actavis from Boots the Chemist.

Just read something online re Teva business now in trouble and laying off staff further to this it was said trouble was as a result of taking over Actavis.

Has anyone else any info re this news ans more importantly are Actavis now Tiva?

Really worried my Actavis may be made by Tiva!

Kind regards kate

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Yes, the aquisition took place in 2016


I'm hoping the Actavis Levo forumula wont change.

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The formulation did recently undergo some tweaking - reading between the lines it was to improve the physical quality. In the past, I regularly found I could not get all 28 tablets out of the blister pack without breaking at least one. More recently, none have broken. Whether the ingredients changed at all, or if this was just the settings of the pressing machine, I couldn't possibly say. :-)



Teva own Actavis and a number of other brands. Why is that a problem?


Problem is felt really ill on Teva as many others have also reporte so changed to Actavis

Hoping Teva do not manufacture Actavis dont want to feel so ill again

Regards kate

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Teva do NOT own the UK Actavis Generics company. They did, transiently, but it was part of the whole deal and regulatory approval process that they disposed of the Actavis Generics business.

It is unclear whether Accord will re-brand any products - but they do not seem to have changed any so far.


Accord Healthcare is one of the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical companies in the UK & Ireland and has an extensive supply chain through its four UK based sites, helping to ensure a consistent supply of life-saving medicines for patients, whilst supporting customers to react quickly to dynamic market conditions.

Acquiring Actavis UK and Ireland in 2017 facilitates Accord’s aim to become the largest supplier of generic medicines in the UK & Ireland and a leading player in the industry at European level.





Dawnet nz. I have had almus activis brought over from the Uk by a wonderful pharmacy down country who imported levothyroxine privately for those of us who were so badly affect in 2008 by the replacement brand of GSK eltroxin. Hundreds of us laid complaints , some temporarly lost their sight as examples. While being investigated by the health watchdog there was a scramble to get other brands supplied privately as at that time we had only one brand available through health board.

I was lucky to have some almus activis supplied by my pharmacist which I am. convinced saved my life like so many of us. Hundreds of those of us affected lobbied the governament and whoever would listen and the outcome was we now have a choice of three brands but many of us still buy in the ones we went onto at that time.

This week the pharmacy who picked up the pieces for us then and have continued helping called to say they couldn't find any Almus. Through searching the net I found the link between Accord healthcare and activis and told her. She contacted me this morning to say they had contacted Accord but seemed to think it was now owned by Teva which rather concerns me after reading of them over the year. I am hoping it is still made in the Uk as have found this last year it doesn't seem as constant as it did up to end of 2016. After what we all went through it is a very real concern any changes in our meds.


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