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Under pressure!!

Not sure how many people on here are handling Hypothiroidism, but boy is it a battle!!

Not only do you have to try understand what your own body has done to you, and to adjust your life around it, but having to deal with bosses at work, who not only disbelieve that you are genuinely ill with a chronic disability, but they secretly mock you and add more pressure on you to perform!!

Having a medical report being issued to my HR dept who make me feel that it’s a crime that I am ill, is piling on more stress!!

Can anybody on here relate to this and how did they handle things!

I feel like I’m a piriah and being forced out!!

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Yes - I completely relate to that. A colleague complained about me to my line manager when I said I couldn't spend 15 hours in one day travelling and working in another office (I have no problem travelling down the day before), who then asked me to speak to HR. They were really good, but I don't think they really understood as they asked if I needed a desktop assessment. I've also had another colleague ask whether I should be working at all, even though my quality and quantity of work is better than hers.

Before I spoke to HR, I called ACAS and they were really helpful. It might be worth giving them a call.

Are you keeping a log of things that are happening? Is the pressure to perform being put on you specifically or on everyone? It might also be worthwhile making a note of the work that you've done as evidence. When it comes to appraisal time I list everything I've done in the time under review. In my last appraisal I was marked down for effort. I challenged it so my new line manager asked my old line manager for a reason. She couldn't provide one and I'd clearly listed everything I'd achieved to the mark was increased.

Part of the problem is that the visible signs of thyroid illness are so subtle that we look fine and people think we're slacking.


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Hi B,

Thanks for the reply, and excuse any confusion in the name change.

I’m keeping records of everything being said , done, and any sarcastic comments about me or my work.

I have always been a hard worker, so finding I’m out of energy by 3pm is a major downside!

The company have given me temporary early finish , which has helped but it’s only temporary!!

I didn’t think of asking ACAS, I’m not in a union does it matter?




No, you don't need to be in a union to contact ACAS. They're a mediation body and want things to work out between you and your employer.

It sounds as though the company policy isn't the problem if they're allowing you to finish early, even temporarily.

It might be worthwhile keeping a list of the things you've done to show you're working hard. If people jump to the wrong conclusion - and they do - you have evidence to show otherwise.



Hypothyroidism is covered by the Disability Discrimination Act, so they have to make 'reasonable adjustments' and are not allowed to dismiss you on health grounds. I would urge you to join a Union if you have one and get support and knowledge. I stopped being nice and used the big guns when I could. My Union was a great help when I was at work. I found the meetings very supportive and found out that other staff were being treated in the same way. They try and divide and rule.

Your bosses sound horrible. Work sickness policies usually don't 'help' the person to return to work, but end up being oppressive and target driven.

Nil desperundum! (i.e. don't let the ba**ards grind you down).

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Unfortunately we don’t have a Union at work, but I have a very good external legal advisory service in Employment law which is keeping an eye on things for me.

Someday I feel like just packing it all in as the stress is major reason my health changed to having this condition!!

But l have always had a major dislike for bullies, so as you say Nil Desperundum, and Karma has a way of repaying evil people!!


Stress management is really important when your thyroid is knackered, because your adrenal glands have to take up the slack. If you are on FB, this is a good meditation page:


Kelly Brogan is a Functional Psychiatrist and she recommends kundalini meditation - it only takes 12 minutes!




Yup the employers just don’t get it and think we are causing a fuss. I have always been too scared to speak up in fear of life being made hard at work or being pushed out.

But when I got diagnosed I realised poor working conditions are largely to blame and have been causing me stress. So now i’ve started complaining.

And the problems with being a hard worker is you get taken advantage of! You have all your medical notes and test results so its good you are fighting your case! Just don’t let it stress you out more!


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