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angiogram done

hospital called and asked me to get there at 6.30 (if i wanted too) i agreed

got there at 6.15 sat down for 2 minutes

called and had canula put in

went in for angiogram (scarey looking machine)

the dr doing it was really nice a did a couple of practice runs with breath holding (about 5 seconds)

felt like id wet myself a few times lol

now feel a bit icky and really thirsty

results in about a week

i was out of the hospital within 30 minutes of getting there

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At least that part is over and be good to yourself over the weekend.

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I'm glad it wasn't too nasty and was over quickly, Mandy. I hope you feel okay later.

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The feeling like you have wet yourself is weird, isnt it! Drink lots of water to flush the medium out - it is usually iodine so can upset the thyroid for a bit, so the quicker you flush it out the better.

Rest as much as you can, and I hope the results are all good. Hug.

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Mandy you're lucky , I don't know which part of the country you live , but my 82 yr old brother had one done on Wednesday and they kept him waiting around for six hours before taking him in for a 20 minute procedure .

Needless to say it's knocked him for six !

Good luck with your results Pp


Yes mandy well done, hooray that bits over, i had a ct scan done in july and had to have the iodine through a candula and yes its a very hot feeling and thinking ive wee'd myself. But glad thats done for you.👍


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