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Fasting morning cortisol test

I had a fasting morning cortisol blood test at 9am and my result is 312. I asked for ranges but there weren't any on the system but they have come back as 'satisfactory'. Anyone know if this looks ok or worth pushing for further testing? Anyone had a result similar that can give me advice? I know it's difficult with accuracy when lab ranges are different but would appreciate your thoughts. I'm symptomatic with no sign of improvement and wondering whether I should be focusing on pursuing this further or whether I should trust the results and realise I may be looking in the wrong place for a diagnosis.

Before the 9am cortisol was taken a few months prior I had a cortisol test at around 11am which came back at 180

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question or type "Cortisol results" into the Search Thyroid UK box to see earlier posts.


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