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Correct levels

Hi all

Just had results from blood test yesterday via telephone consultation with GP. The results for TSH levels were 0.4 which he said were at an optimal level. I then explained I was still feeling tired and sluggish most of the time with leg and joint pains. He has refused to adjust my Levo medication but has agreed to further blood test to test my vitamin and mineral levels. Is he on the right page with this or do I need to seek a second opinion? I'm on 75mg of Levo.

Many thanks

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Do you have thyroid antibodies? If so, retest in 6-8 weeks to check you have not just had an antibodies flare up. If so you may find TSH rises. Checking vitamins is a good plan.

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Doctors do not look or listen to their patients. Only take the results of blood tests into account.

Is he aware that the TSH is from the pituitary gland and not the thyroid gland and that if FT3 and FT4 are not at an optimal number we can suffer. Has he tested either FT3 and FT4?

Once upon a time, we were diagnosed and prescribed according to our clinical symptoms and probably this would suit many more hypothyroid patients. We want our disabling symptoms to be relieved but to do so we need sufficient T3 in our blood, i.e. converted from an optimum dose of levothyroxine or the addition of T3 which, if in UK, has recently been banned.

Doesn't make sense to me as it is the only Active thyroid hormone required in our T3 receptor cells.

Also Endocrinology seem to be very inexpert in that they appear not to read Research which quite a few state that there's a benefit for patients who take a combination of T4/T3.

The prohibitive cost in the UK is the reason (excuse) for its removal.

Ask GP to test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate if you've not had them tested. Deficiencies can also cause symptoms.

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Thank you for replies. Here's hoping the GP finds there is a deficiency in my vitamins and minerals as I fear that failing this, the GP will again fob me off :(


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