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My son have hyperthyroidsm??

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My son is 15 years old and in the last couple months has had problems with digestive pain in his abdomen and then insomnia and panick attacks anxiety.He says his minds races and never focuses and his heart will start to race out of no where. He eats and eats and cannot gain weight so thin. They did blood work and his tsh was 1.0 I asked the dr is that not hyper he said no its normal for his age theres nothing wrong with his thyroid.But there is thyroid problems on both sides of our family.Im worried there looking to treat him for depression or anxiety n its his thyroid.What do you do to treat hyperthyroidism?

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Has your son had a history of taking antibiotics? Do you eat a diet high in meat protein that is not organic? Antibiotics impact the gut microbiome (bacteria, etc. that function as your internal pharmacy). Loss of diversity in the gut impacts many functions in the body, including the production of thyroid hormones. There is a British researcher who has a new company to look at the gut. It is called MapMyGut.

Clean up the diet and the water - we are exposed to antibiotics in many ways we don't realized, including preservatives in most foods, and calcium propionate in breads.

Also, you might want to look at this paper

Hi T

What other blood tests were done and do you/does your son have a copy of all the results with ranges.

Has your son actually lost weight? Did his GP mention a referal to a Gastroenterologist? Wouldn't that be a good place to start? Due to Abdo pain & digestive problems? Your son is eating well and healthily and not on any medications, supplements or pain relief is he?

These symptoms have been going on for two months now, so surely a Specialist referal is called for don't you think?

It would be helpful to have Thyroid (and other) antibodies tested. Also nutrients and other blood tests his GP may have done.

Do you know if there has been any change in your son's bowel movements?

Why are you worried that GP will suggest treatment for depression and anxiety? No diagnosis has been given yet, has it? Is GP monitoring his weight? What is next step? How is your son feeling now?

I'm not sure why you ask what to do to treat Hyperthyroidism?

Are you in USA? Or just up very late?

Thinking back to 2 months ago, did anything happen - any sickness or injury stress /trauma prior to the onset of these symptoms? x

You need to get copies of your sons bloodwork with ranges, it is your right. Dont ever take a doctors word that the bloods are ok as half if them dont know their left foot to their right, i think alot of people who use this fantastic forum will tell you that. When you get them post them on here. Goid luck.😊😊

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Look at testing vitamin D, Folate, ferritin and B12

Consider coeliac and gluten intolerance too

Essential to test antibodies

TPO and TG antibodies for Hashimoto's

TSI or Trab for Graves

For full evaluation you need TSH, FT4, FT3, TT4, TPO and TG plus TSI or Trab antibodies, plus vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested

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