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Switching from Nature Throid to Synthroid

I was on Nature Throid for 4 years and just made the switch to Synthroid because I was having a lot of issues with heart palpitations and just never feeling good. I was on 81.25 mg Nature Throid and my doctor put me on 100 mg of Synthroid. I've been feeling good, BUT my chest feels heavy on the left side. I started to feel it a bit on the first day and now I'm on day 3 and it's still feeling heavy. I'm breathing ok, but wondering if I'm being over medicated. I'm thinking he should've given me the 75 or 88.

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If you'd prefer to take a smaller dose can you not get a pill cutter and quarter tablet. In the UK we have different doses to yours.


You may be missing the T3. I was on naturethroid and I never felt well and had chest pain. I then added T4 to my Naturethroid and felt better. Talk to you doc about being on both. When I don't have enough or too much T3 my chest hurts. Now I take Levoxyl and T3 but a small s amount of T3. My lab still aren't ideal it's a constant work in progress unfortunately.


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