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Feeling blah!

Morning one and all, any thoughts on which company to go with, Medichecks (Ultra Vit) orBlue Horizon (Eleven) both the same price at the moment?

I’m feeling pretty low at the moment and want to arm myself with test results and the selected sections of the papers you’ve advised me to read.

Has anyone got any tips about talking to the Drs? I have raised antibodies although at last testing they were only 46. This time I’m getting vitamins etc checked too.

Thank you

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I have used both and have found both companies helpful. I have used the finger prick blood tests and been very happy with the service and turnaround time.


Thank you, there’s 50p difference in the cost so that will decide, not that I’m penny pinching 🙂.

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You get a large chocolate coin with Blue Horizon :)

I've used both, each as good as the other.

Medichecks have your results in your online account and if tests are repeated there is a graph showing comparison.

Blue Horizon give the option to have a return Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm Next Day envelope, costs £4.90 but if you paid at the Post Office it would be £6.45.


Thanks I went with Medichecks in the end but only because they did my first one and also 15p cheaper! 😂


I must admit to being tempted by the large, rather delicious chocolate coin. But I do like the detail in Medicheck's online account thingy. And as I always send back by Special Delivery, I like the fact that BH do a special price on that. Oh.... decisions, decisions. Life is hard at times.... chocolate, money.... :D


As I’ve got older Ive gotten less able to make decisions and dither more and more, I even get on my own nerves these days! So thanks for the help.

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