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Over medicated??

My last set of blood tests showed that I was just about in normal range from taking 50mcg a day. I was feeling better but still a little tired etc, my doc said I could increase to 75mcg which iv now been taking for the last 6 weeks, iv now become really irritated and moody, tearful and experiencing heart flutters, has anyone else experienced this? does it sound like I could be on too higher meds?

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Rather doubtful with just 75 mcg. But you would need labs done to tell. And no point in doing those until you've been on 75 for six weeks. :)


I took 50 for a few months was asked to go to 75 and found the higher dose overwhelming - almost immediately

Stats show T4 levels at top range so my body response makes sense to me

It forced my hand to address the wider issues that mean 50 feels more than enough

I still need to confirm TSH again and other measures but I feel utterly sorted

What are your T4 levels


Thank you for your reply. I only know my TSH level was just about in range, I think the reading was 2? Sorry that’s probably not much help?

When you say overwhelmed do you mean tearful, anxious etc?


So you are on 50 now? 75 is too much for you? I have same dose dilemma.

Can I ask what are your TSH, FT4 and FT3 at 50 MCG, if you don't mind.

Thank you


Hard to remember exactly - it’s not exactly this but over revved is all I can say like having too many expressos very unsettling and uncomfortable is all I can say the minute I went back to 50 all went calm ....

I feel really well now and I am hoping that the real life blood test numbers stack up to show low tsh - I will be super surprised if there was a problem

It has taken a lot of other stuff to address and following a specific diet protocol plus loads of supplements

I accept from all the feedback all our experiences are so different and we cannot rely on what works for one works for Another but I hold onto the faith I will resolve this ....

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Yes that’s the feeling like iv had wayyy to many coffees!! Makes sense I guess xx


Funny thing is 50 seems almost too high now - because I suspect I am taking 200mcg iodine per day in kelp

It’s fairly fab being able to eat a lot more with a much raised metabolism and not put on an ounce ...if the contributors here had not sparked me off on all mineral and vitamin checks I do not think I would have made the same progress

Blood test done yesterday last tsh was 6 before I started the full supplement regime so hope this will now be much lower


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