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Over medicated thyroid

Hi all,

I am planning on ttc next month and wanting to be responsible I got my TSH checked. I was given an addition 50mcg of levo and had my 6 week bloods taken this week.

A few days before I had my bloods taken i came down with what I thought was stomach flu but it was odd as it came with no pain or warning. I still, a week later feel awful.

But have been very tired but restless,scratching like crazy amd cant keep my legs still. Also my irritability is through the roof. I cant sleep at night,awake to 4am last night :(

I had a voicemail last night from GP who didnt say what my TSH level was (but I will ring on monday when they are open) to say Im slightly overmedicated and to drop the levo 25 mcg.

I suddenly wondered my issues as above, could these be linked to going hyperactive instead of underactive?? Googled it and it appears yes they could be linked.

Ive dropped my dose today but now worried how long i shall be left side effects. How long until reduced dose takes effect?

Anybody experienced thia and can give me any thoughts or advice. I will be ringing the gp monday. In addition im on a diet and I guess reduced body weight would have been a factor with the increased meds??


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Dosing Levothyroxine is a bit of a guessing game. Dose adjustments are usually in 25mcg increments to avoid over or under dosing. Your symptoms could be due to over medication but I would need to see your thyroid results and ranges to be sure you are over medicated. TSH below range does NOT mean you are over medicated. If you are over medicated FT4 and/or FT3 will be over range. You should feel improvement in symptoms 7-8 days after reducing dose. Skipping 2-3 doses will speed up washing out the higher dose and you can then reduce dose as your GP advised.

Women planning conception should have TSH in the low-normal range with FT4 in the upper range. When pregnancy is confirmed Levothyroxine dose is usually increased by 25-50mcg to ensure good foetal development.


Hi-thanks for the information.

Today ive found out my levels:

TSH 0.04 (normal 0.35-4ish)

Free T4 19.8

Ive been asked to reduce Levo from 175 to 150.

Are these levels worrying. GP felt so.....




What is the FT4 range?


They didnt test for anything else. I asked



I was asking for the free T4 range which is the figures in brackets after the 19.8 result.


The upper range is 20 Icant remember the lower range :(



If the upper range is 20 you aren't over medicated. Some GPs think TSH below range means over medication but as your FT4 is within range you aren't over medicated.

You need to worry as long as TSH remains <2.5.


My main concern is whether im ok enough with the tsh level to begin to ttc-i need to wait until 4th march as have mmr jab in my system.

I after practical advice/reassurance -if possible



It is high TSH which is a problem with fertility treatment so I don't think low TSH will be a problem.

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