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Why the flu jab can't work as advertised

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Apparently the way the flu vaccine is manufactured (in eggs) means that the virus mutates so it won't be the strain that was intended. So you are probably protected against something but no one knows exactly what - perhaps it even causes the mutations we are seeing - who knows? Perhaps the caterpillar-based ones are more effective - who knows?

Reported in Science Daily: sciencedaily.com/releases/2... from article in journals.plos.org/plospatho...

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Thanks for this, it’s very timely. I always need ammo to try to convince my nan that these shots don’t do her any good.

When the Immunologist suggested (within minutes of me walking into the first appt) that I have one or two vaccines "to get things moving", I asked him if his remark "get things moving" meant "stimulate your immune system"? He said, "yes".

So I replied, "Do you not think my immune system's been stimulated more enough with at least countless chest infections and pneumonia, plus pleurisy, and yet now you're suggesting vaccinations - to stimulate it some more?!" He looked awkward.. and speechless. 😳

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