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Under active symptoms, being treated for over active

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has like me had under active symptoms of dry skin, constipation, weight gain, dry hair,, however I was put on 10mg carbimazole a day, as bloods say I was slightly over and diagnosed with graves,, I only took medication for 3 weeks as they made things worse..

my blood results are as follows April this year tsh > 0.05mu/l T3 6.9mol T4 19mol

TRAB 9.7ul.

However my July results revealed a tsh of 4 and Oct results Tsh 3.32mu/l without treatment these are the only blood test done, hope you could throw some light on things for me,, as I am not convinced I am over active regarding symptoms no idea regarding blood results. Cheers everyone Michelle

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Hi hen, do you have, or can you get, the reference ranges for those results? If we have those, we have a better chance of interpreting your results and figuring out what is going on.


We especially need a range for that TRAB. Now, what you need are your TPO antibodies tested - and, if possible, TG antibodies.


I think that TRAB antibodies work in two opposite ways: either they act like TSH and overstimulate the thyroid causing you to be hyper, or they block TSH and make you hypo (more common in babies). Without ranges it's hard to tell where you are.


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