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Low Ferratin & reverse t3 ratio

Hi all

My girlfriend had her thyroid removed 4 years ago following thyroid cancer.

After the thyroid conference in September we both signed up for and had full blood checks done.

Hers has come back with two flagged deficiencies :

Reverse T3 ratio 14.2


Any suggestions as to their importance and what can be done to normalise them ?

Thanks y'all

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Hi - its very difficult to comment without the lab reference ranges and without other thyroid blood results. Could you post them all here? High reverse T3 can indicate a conversion problem but what was the RT3 level?. Is your girlfriend taking T4 and at what dose?


Can you post the full results including TSH, TT4, FT4 & FT3 plus the ranges (very important)

Did she also have vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested?

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Wow !

You guys ( and girls ) sure are fast with the replies. Thank you.

Have a screenshot of the full results, but can't see a place in the replies to attach. So will repost the whole question again which allows me to attach the screenshot.

Thanks again



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