Too hot or cold? This might explain.

Someone might have already posted this so apologies if it's a repeat. It's not a new document. If you have trouble regulating your body temperature this might explain why.

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So much for my thyroid nurse and oncologist saying it was menopause. I bloomin knew it wasn't! Thank you for that Nana

I get sick of menopause being blamed. It’s too convenient. I have issues with regulating temperature too. I’m either boiling hot or really cold - several times a day.

Me too! Usually roasting, at night, my bedroom is like a fridge! Not sweats, just hot :-(

I also have raynaulds. I used to like cooler rooms but now my hands go deathly white. One day they will work it all out.

That's really interesting. Thanks for finding that. I had to smile at the menopause comments. My menopause was 18 years ago, so it would be rather a delayed reaction! Oddly enough I didn't have any hot flashes or sweats then, but I'm making up for it now.

Thank you Nanaedake!

I’m one or the other. I sleep in a cold bedroom often under 45tog of duvet. Which has to be goose or duck down for the weight as I think my body thinks it’s colder with a light duvet. I don’t move once I’m in a deep sleep often resulting in swollen lower body (side sleeper). I lose feeling in my fingers when I’m cold to the point my iPhone doesn’t recognise me nor when I try and type in my unlock pin after finger recognition has failed! Funny enough when I was in induced menopause for three months I seem to regulate fine. Hot flushes were more warm unlike now when I literally feel my blood almost simmering when I’m too hot. Praying actual menopause isn’t as bad as my current heat surges.

My feet are always cold but that is now the beta blockers ,rest of me is Ok during day but have to chuck the duvet off in the night even with the window open just over my side of the bed.

Thanks for posting. I realised quite some time ago that my body thermostat was "kna...d" I always used to feel the cold and walked around in several layers. Now I overheat a lot, especially at night in spite of a cold bedroom and light duvet. I wear light layers now so that I can peel them off!

I think that it is much more likely that the whole glandular system is compromised, and the part of the brain that is responsible for regulating temperature (you could call it our thermostat) is not functioning properly.

Thank you for the article. My menopause was over 20 years ago and I didn't have any symptoms then. But since my thyroid was removed, on Levo I was cold all the time. I am now at about 35.7 - 36. on NDT. No sweating either, mostly cold.

My thermostat is broken too. I'm either boiling or freezing, with many episodes of each throughout the day. At night I now need only a thin duvet, but I'm uncomfortably hot - I live in the high Pennines!

A sympathetic doctor I used to see thought that patients like me, with a disordered hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis had a central (brain) problem with thermoregulation.

No amount of compensating with extra thermals & having to sleep with 20 togs of quilt & using an electric blanket in summer even partially compensated for being hypo. Thanks to THs, I'm currently sleeping with a summer quilt & small blanket ~ bliss! :)

I am rarely at a normal temperature. Day time I'm too hot but at night I am usually freezing. I can not understand why day should be so different to night! I'm always arguing with my husband about the heating thermostat especially lately as he is on medication that is known to make some people feel the cold more. At night I usually have an extra blanket over just me.

My thyroid problems were blamed on my premature menopause - I was mid thirties when they started. I had no family history of early menopause but my gp would not listen. She did not believe in the menopause tense believing it was a waste of money as results were most often inconclusive. After 11 lots of HRT tablets and two patches, I finally said enough was enough. Had I not been feeling so ill, I would have stopped them much earlier.

My gp then said my problems must be psychological and wanted me on anti depressants. I refused. I changed to a different surgery and found a gp who did believe in the menopause test. It showed conclusively that I was not in the menopause. At least that explained why HRT made me so ill. By that time I'd wasted over four years of my life.

When I did eventually go through the menopause I sailed through it. I had no problems and never needed HRT but it did once again give doctors a reason for all my health issues.

Grrrrrr, makes me so mad that proper investigations into our health are so often delayed by just not doing the right blood tests and looking into things properly. Easy get out for doctors to dump it all on menopause and mental health.

I've felt the cold since at least my early 30s (that's when I first noticed I was colder than anybody else around me). I used to have burning feet at the time too but only for a few years. The only other symptom I have is feeling tired most of the time. However only diagnosed hypo earlier this year. I do have hot flushes which I've had since the menopause so naturally put it down to that. Since finding out a bit more about the thyroid and hormones I came to the conclusion that the hot flushes may be down to hormones not working properly. On Monday I played table tennis in a very cool room, it took my nearly an hour before I warmed up enough to take my cardigan off. Whereas on Wednesday I was in a warm room and had several hot flushes. At night I sleep with layers on the bed, can't sleep with a duvet as I get too warm.

Every bedtime is a battle for me. Apart from not being able to sleep easily anyway I’m either too hot or too cold. If I start off too cold then I have to use a hot water bottle. Then I end up too hot even during winter. I have to then use a fan to keep me at a comfortable temperature.

My feet used to be extra hot but that hasn’t happened recently. Now I’m just either too hot or too cold all over.

I feel like this everyday, constantly running for a water bottle & blankets when the house is warm😥. Then at work I'm opening all the windows!.. I too thought it was perimenopause..😞. Also had the burning feet in bed.. I had freezing cold hands & white fingernails yesterday whilst getting bloods done at my surgery, nurse never batted an eyelid 😢..

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