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Part 2: Bloods / Private tests - advice please

Hello, I posted here a couple of days ago, (Bloods / Private tests - advice please), and @SlowDragon very kindly replied in some detail. Their reply led to more questions from me, which currently remain unanswered. I am hoping that someone might be able to take a look and answer my questions on that thread. Thank you.

Ever hopeful, PB.

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O.K. I'll have a look.


I have looked at your previous post but you are now awaiting your results of your tests.

No-one can respond to your previous post until you post your results with the ranges. Ranges are important.

I note the supplements you were taking were suspended until you had your blood tests.



Hello shaws, (et all),

Yes, totally understand that my blood test results will need to be posted before anyone can comment on the way forward.

Meanwhile though, my queries are:

1) Can Hashi's cause lumps/nodules? (Mine seems to be left side only and is about 3cm).

2) Is a goitre the same as a nodule? (Wondering if mine is considered a Goitre?)

3) Vit D3. 25mcg /1000iu - Have been taking 1 per day. GP said I could take 2 or 3 of these a day - would that be safe / okay?

4) Is Magensium test included in the list of tests GP is doing (that I posted a couple of days ago)? ie I can't see it on the list so am wondering is it called something other than Magnesium for test purposes?

5) Folate. Would this be part of the 'Iron Studies' that GP requested?

6) Ferritin. Would this be part of the 'Iron Studies' that GP requested?

7) If getting Private Blood Tests done which particular tests must be done at same time? I 'm wondering if I could get private tests only on the things that the GP didn't do.

Many thanks in advance.



Although I am 'Administrator' I am not medically qualified.

Re you lumps/nodules you should ask GP to refer you to an Endocrinologist. I think that's important.

Look at the picture in this link to compare with your neck.


If GP said take 2 or 3 Vit D tablets a day do so. Vitamin D is a prohormone and it is necessary to have optimum.

Gps may not request magnesium. You may have to have a private test.

Ferritin and folate are usually part of the iron tests.

I believe you can have blood tests or whatever else you need privately.

Usually we advise as early a test as possible if it is for thyroid and add in others we wish so there's only one blood draw. If you decided to get other than thyroid I'd ask the lab if a time is necessary.


Magnesium - the way the body handles magnesium, preferring to maintain blood levels at the expense of bones, means that a blood test for it will typically miss even serious deficiencies. Don't bother testing, just supplement. You need magnesium and vit k2-mk7 to work with that vit d you are taking.


Thank you startagaingirl


shaws Many thanks :-)


In case anyone is interested, I just looked up 'Iron Studies' as I'd not heard that test before I saw the GP this week, (had only heard of Full Iron Panel).

Found these:




Full iron panel never seems to include the vital Ferritin

In fact it seems NHS labs are now refusing to test Ferritin even when specifically asked for by tge GP


Hello reallyfedup123, Another test bites the dust eh? Seems rather odd, but they do seem to be really cutting back on tests.


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