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Hi Everyone

I have been on levothyroxine for about 12 years 75 mcg and after a recent blood test

I had a call from a doctor she thought the t4 was a bit high and thought I should reduce the amount I was taking however she said to have another test in 6 weeks to check

the numbers were

Serum free tsh--0.07--(0.20-5.00 )

Serum free t4--19.9--(9.00-24.00)

Any thoughts would be great thanks

Serum free t4-19.9 -(9.00-24.00)

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Your GP said the FT4 was high but unfortunately she didn't take the FT3 as that would give far more information than a FT4. FT4 is below the top of the range so I don't understand why she has made the statement.

Did you have your blood test at the very earliest, fasting and allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose and test and take afterwards? If not your results will be skewed.

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ELLIEMAY100 in reply to shaws

Hi thanks for replying I thought the same the ft4 was in range

and she never mentioned t3 . I did fast for the test and left 24 hrs between although I didn't have any meds after the test it was not until the following morning I will do that when I have the next test in 6 weeks.

What are you symptoms if any? You are in range and if treated with levo it is ideal to aim for your t4 to be at the top of the range. The only reason I can think for your GP to be concerned is that you are symptomatic of having too much hormone. This would be indicated by fast pulse, restlessness, anxiety, weightloss or in some people worsening hypo symptoms.

If you feel well at this dose then I cant see any reason for concern.

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Hi The doctor who rang me is new to me and I haven't had to see a doctor about symptoms although she did say if you experience palpitations make a appointment. Maybe I should do that I have been aware of my heartbeat recently but not palpitations. When I was first diagnosed I had a lot of obvious symptoms but over the years I haven't had any.

My cardio said that awareness of your heartbeat IS palpitations, but you get those when you are hypo as well as hyper and many people just have ectopic beats for no obvious reason.

No, your free T4 is fine; in fact it could do with being higher if you still feel hypo. It should be in the top quarter of the range which is <=20.25

It's so difficult you just go along not thinking about it and then you think too much, my doctor retired recently he was really good at explaining things. I'm feeling OK just not got loads of energy .

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