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The next dose of T4

The next dose of T4

Which could be the next dose to achieve optimal results but not to aggravate arrhythmias, palpitations, extrasystoles etc?

last results

6.2017 TSH 3.34 (0.4-4) FT4 0.95 (0.8-1.9) FT3 1.55 (1.8-4.2) LEVO 62

8.2017 2.94 0.95 1.96 LEVO 75

10.2017 2.11 1.17 2.60 ?

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Any chance you can make that bigger? I'm on my PC with a decent sized monitor and it's too small to read.




ilenuca As you have Hashi's, your results will fluctuate anyway. Are you addressing the Hashi's with a strict gluten free diet, and are your vitamins and minerals optimal yet?

Because of the TSH results on your different doses eg 0.01 and 4.05 both on 37mcg, yet 4.15 on 82mcg, then your results aren't at all stable so it's not easy what to suggest. Looking at your doses, I would be cautious and just raise by 12.5mcg or the nearest equivalent and see how that goes, but as said your Hashi's is going to make your results and symptoms fluctuate anyway.

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Very interesting your conclusion with 3 different values ​​on the same dose of 37. I have not seen so far but i wrote the table yesterday. anyway the 3 results are obtained in different circumstances - the first result was immediately after iodine when I still had the antibodies for Graves. the second was when I got pregnant and I had to increase the dose and the third of 37 was on a decreasing dose after half year on a dose of 50 at the advice of two cardiologists (they said that my arrhythmias are due to the levothyroxine).

that decrease of 12.5 cost me a lot - 6 months in which I did 4 private tests, almost doubled my dose to get the same tsh I had before and I cut my hair short because I lost a lot of it...the good part is that the hair starts to grow again, so the temperature. the other symptoms are still there.

I still do not have the vitamins at the optimum level but I'm working on it. im not on a gluten free diet yet...

thanks !


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