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Ashwagandha reviews

Has anyone taken this supplement with any benefit ?? Willing to try anything to help with

Brain fog



Poor resilience





Aches and pains

Memory loss

Concentration problems

Bloods all within normal limits as per GP. So no help there!

I take 150mcg levothyroxine and 100mg sertraline and still feeling unwell especially with the dark nights coming

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Hi Imoran, I have taken ashwagandha for a short while, but just realized I've been taking half the dose to do the job. It is known to help with ALL of the problems you have listed above. It is good for thyroid and hormone balance, and is an adrenal support, which can also be involved. It is a good antioxidant and can be good for fatigue, mental and emotional as well. I would recommend trying it. Amazon sells many different brands, so don't go too cheap. Those herbs may be not as pure. Also, as an fyi, I could not take any of the synthetic thyroid meds, so I take Armour or NP Raw Thyroid. It is supposed to do a better job, AND not have side effects, like making you feel unwell. I tried levo and it made me quite sick. So, the very med you are on may be increasing some of your problems. Something to discuss with your doctor soon as even the natural meds need a prescription. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!!


fyi? google says " for your information"


True. I was just adding some info about my experience, which I hoped would be helpful. I think that the "fyi" is used more here in the states. It is just easier than typing the whole thing out.

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I just realized that I have 2 names on here: AZWobbly and Patti Tilden. I am one and the same.

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Being in my 70's I find modern abbreviations a mystery.


Sorry to maybe befuddle you. I am right behind you as I am 69, and will turn 70 on April Fool's Day. Ain't getting older with health problems grand!!?!!


Being young with health problems is

worse ! Through my 20's and 30's I was in pain fromAnkylosing Spondylitis .I could ride a bike but getting my leg over the crossbar was agony.

I keep saying : getting old is a bug...r


I've just turned 65 and always think that being old is better than the only alternative. Lol.

Jo xx


Causes more tiredness so take at night. Helps with serotonin and stress. Works if you can stay awake. 😁


Funny as I take mine during the day for energy. But I also sleep better at night. It does do both. Yeah!!


Firstly sertraline is not the best idea for thyroid patients and i totally suspect your results are anything but normal

Its vital you get the copies of your blood tests as rarely GPs have any clue about correct treatment of hypothyroid







Vit d3

Are all needed to correctly assess what is going on and why you are taking sertraline since depression or anxiety is simply a symptom of undertreated hypothyroid


Ashwaganda is an incredible adaptogen. However, as you have been advised, check your other levels- low B12 for example will cause your symptoms too and often goes hand in hand with thyroid disorders.

I’m a student herbalist and my tutor saw me for a consultation. He wanted me to take nourishing herbs to build me up first before looking to adaptogens - I take Avena Sativa (oat seed) and Urtica dioica (nettle) for example along with a host of others. Perhaps you could see a herbalist for a complete prescription to balance your symptoms. As an example, I also have myhrr in my mix which helps the conversion of T4 - T3.

We hold student clinics in London at weekends if anyone is interested- cheaper than seeing a practitioner

Remember to always get copies of your blood tests.


Hi, where are the student clinics held please?


Could you email me details of London clinics please as I would like to attend

Thank you


It's ok scrolled down and seen it

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I am ALL for supplements versus drugs. However, just thought I'd add that anything with oats can cause problems with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, which may or may not be a factor for some.


Note these consultations are conducted by a qualified practitioner with the class sitting quietly. Dddark1 I haven’t seen anyone phased by this- we’re very quiet and respectful. PM me for further info. Our poster is - sorry on train and I couldn’t get whole thing to copy- I’m Jo, Hannah-Phoebe is our class diary person

Herbal Medicine - Year 2 Student Clinic Initial consultation £25 plus herbs (expect £40 tinctures for month for eg)

Follow up £15 plus herbs

For further enquiries or to book, contact: Hannah-Phoebe

07379 493 528 herbalmedclinic@hotmail.com

CNM 25 Percy Circus, Kings Cross, London WC1X

Consultations with an experienced practitioner

Herbal Medicine - using the power of nature to support mind and body

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Thanks everyone. Ferratin was low so put on iron - no better 19 (10-158)

B12 within normal limits 367ng/l

When I rang the doctor for results they said all ok and as the iron was causing symptoms to stop

But hey figures might tell u I’m normal BUT I DONT FEEL IT :(


Hi, you b12 may be within normal levels in the Uk but in Japan they treat anyone who has levels below 500, it’s also recommended as a minimum for anyone with a thyroid problem here in the Uk, not followed by Drs though.

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"Ferratin was low so put on iron - no better 19 (10-158)

When I rang the doctor for results they said all ok and as the iron was causing symptoms to stop"

I would go back and say to the doctor that if iron tablets are causing you symptoms then you would like an iron infusion, that will raise your ferritin level within 24-48 hours. You can also help raise your ferritin by eating liver once a week (no more than 200g) and including lots of iron rich foods in your diet - check on Google for lists.


I took it a couple of times and had quite a bad dizzy spell that lasted for ages. It was only a cheap one from Amazon though so maybe that's why!

It might not have even been that what caused the dizzy spell but it was the only thing I'd done differently at that time so I stopped it.

So my reply is not much help but just saying be careful with it and obviously get a good quality one.

I've heard some really good things about it though, sounds like a great calmer if it works for you.

Good luck with it :)


Thanks pastille - not trying anything yet as just been prescribed vitamin d for low levels which msg have been the cause of my probs

Will bear in mind tho if I do decide - but don’t want to take any new just yet - must remember name tho for future ref !


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