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Betrayal - Episode 5, part 1

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This was so long but so important and rather horrific to tell the truth. It is about the toxins we face especially in the U.S. with the rise of chemical imports. One anecdote will make you laugh and then possibly cry.

The first patient worked in a dental office and began having rashes from the latex gloves and within ten years had full blown Hashimoto's. She told her doctor about the 60 lbs weight gain and all the symptoms we know about. The result was a prescription for Ativan. She had trauma in her life and later began her reaction to chemicals leading to her autoimmune illness.

Billions of chemicals, 75 billion to be exact in 2007 were imported to the U.S. and it continues at a rate of about 3% per year. Interestingly autoimmunity has increased at the same rate as food additives. Bisphenol a was introduced without any safety precautions and it turns out that it is similar to thyroid hormone so now it acts as a hormone disruptor!! Only 5% of these chemicals have been test for safety. The effect of all these chemicals in food and water cause the body to be unable to communicate between their cells. Some of these chemicals like benzene and mercury actually attach to cells in your body be they heart cells, brain cells if it gets past the barrier, etc. so now the body views it as something to be destroyed and the collateral damage is that the heart cell or brain cell is also destroyed.

Another patient was found to have high mercury from eating sea bass thinking fish would be healthy. Amalgams are 40% mercury and also leak into your system. A Swedish doctor commented that if bodies are being cremated, they either remove the amalgams from the body or use selenium which binds to mercury while processing. THIS IS SO THEY DON'T POLLUTE THE EARTH with the ashes.

The incidence of diabetes from 1% to now 10%, is not as related to sugar as it is persistent chemical exposure. Izabella Wentz told her story of the toxic radiation accident in Chernoble.

I'll go into some detail about the poisonous insecticide Round up used in the U.S. made of glyphosate in the next part. It is a very dismal piece of this toxic chemical puzzle.

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Thanks for posting, Heloise.

Very interesting and useful. Thank you for sharing, Heloise

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