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New webinar by Dr.Mark Hyman

Hello thyroid friends!

I do hope this is OK to post but it’s very exciting information that all of us thyroid suffers know how much it affects our brain. This is the link to sign up the first episode is currently airing .


When I first got miserably sick and didn’t know it was my thyroid in fact I have raging Hashimoto’s I learned about functional medicine & thyroid thru this doctors’ posts /webinar participation’s in 2012z

Have a lovely day all😊🌈🌺🤗

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I was unable to log into the website as it states:

We are currently synchronizing the databases on this website. Our maintenance work should be completed soon. We apologize for any inconvenience... please check back soon!


Oh no... I do hope soon it will work!!🙏 Thank you kindly Shaws! 😊

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