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t4/t3 No prescription

Hi All-

I just joined this site looking for helpful info and because I am getting desperate to supplement myself since my doc will not up my dose. Right now, I am on a compounded synthetic t4/t3 and was doing well until almost a year ago. Been at the current dose for about 4 years and TSH is technically in range yet below range in Freet3. Bottom low in free t4.

We lost our insurance and my holistic doctor due to out-of-control health insurance costs (thanks Obama). My sweet, kind obgyn is keeping up my current script as a favor and won't increases since I am in range.

I've been dealing with Hashimotos for almost 14 years and know my body well. I have a resurgence of symptoms and feel horrible. My body is telling me my thyroid is not suppressed properly.

Sorry for the length. Any info/ guidance greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Sorry not sure what's the best for supply in the US but maybe someone else will know. If you want a second opinion on your results though, please post blood tests with ranges and what dose meds your on :-)


Thanks! Was hoping someone might know an online pharmacy.

In April, TSH was 1.76 (.4 - 4.5)

T4-.9 (.8 - 1.8)

T3- 2.2 (2.3 - 4.2)

Thanks again


Probably worth testing again by now. On those results it looks like you could do with a higher dose given the T4 and T3 being so low.

Look up Seaside Susies posts on vitamins as you also need those to be optimal to get the best from the thyroid meds.

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If you no longer have insurance you may find this page helpful :


Look part way down the page and you'll see links to testing companies in the US who will deal directly with the patient - no doctor required, no insurance necessary.

It is possible to buy thyroid meds online without a prescription, but I haven't kept up to date on sources, and I don't know which ones would be acceptable for use in the US (I'm from the UK). If you join the private STTM Facebook group (I can't remember its name, sorry - I don't have a Facebook account), then you might be able to ask about how else to source thyroid meds.

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Do you know what the T4 and T3 content in your compounded T4/T3 is? You will almost certainly need to buy a pillcutter to cut Levothyroxine and T3 tablets into the doses you require.

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