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Cutting 20mcg into 5mcg

Hi everyone I asked Consultant to give me 20mcg Thybon Henning tablets to cut into quarters as I couldn't afford the 5mcg tablets. Bought a good cutter from Amazon and make sure I take a complete half for my 2 x 5 a day. Unfortunately I don't feel as good as I did and scaly itchy skin is coming back. What do you think about me taking an extra quarter every third day? Would this put me over? Should I reduce levo if I do this? I take 125mcg Mon to Fri and 100mcg on weekend. Any ideas would be useful. Thanks in advance.

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How long have you been on 2 x 5mcgs, really needs to be six weeks and retest first.

What are your vitamin levels like? I see you had low vitamin D, are you taking good maintenance dose and magnesium too

Type one diabetic, you may benefit from gluten free diet

Susan Blums book The Immune system recovery explains why


Hi slowdragon I was tested after 6 weeks Free T4 22.3 pmol/L (11.0-26.0)

Free T3 5.4 pmol/L (3.9-6.8)

TSH 0.01 uU/mL (0.35-4.50)

25 OH Vit D 82.39 (50->200)

Iron 20 (6.6-26.0)

Iron binding capacity 48 (45-72)

Transferrin saturation 42 %(20-50)

Haemoglobin 121 (115-160)

Red blood cells 4.10 (3.9-5.2)

Haematocrit 0.352 (0.35-0.50)

He did loads more tests but not sure how useful.

I am taking magnesium daily and 2000iu Vit D plus K2 100ug

GP has finally given me NHS script after I went to see head of practice with info re CCG having no legal right to prevent prescribing if medical need. Asked if he agreed I had nedical need he said yes. I said I didn’t want to make complaint against my named gp but as they acknowledged need I would complain to GMC that it is negligent not to prescribe. Head of practice is now my named gp. Have prescription until result of consultation. He has prescribed Thybon henning got me to cut but I can’t find a pharmacist who can source it. They offered me other brand ( assume Concordia) but too small to see never mind cut! I am back to endo beginning of Dec


You can get Thybon Henning with prescription

PM me for more info


Other options





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