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Feeling very nervous

I have a benign 2cm x 3cm haemorrhagic cyst on the left side of my thyroid and a small nodule on the right side.

I'm seeing the Endo on Tuesday but my Dr did think it would need to be removed, I want to avoid this if possible!

The lump in my neck definitely feels like it has got smaller but in the last few days it feels like something soft is stuck in my throat. Can the cyst move backwards? It's not painful too eat, just a bit uncomfortable and my neck aches sometimes and I'm constantly trying to clear my throat. I'm also concerned about seeing the middle and left side of my neck pulsating.

I haven't been diagnosed with any thyroid problems (apart from the lump).

I have loads of questions I hope someone can help me with.

1) Is there a possibility that the lump may just be left?

2) If I just had the left side removed, would I still have to take medication?

(I've been reading how thyroid meds make you gain weight and that would make me so depressed!!) Are there any meds that help you loose weight?

3) If the Endo says the lump needs to come out, would the surgery be fairly soon. I've booked the appointment thru choose and book and it says that 9 out of 10 patients start treatment in 18 weeks, that seems like a long time to wait and feel stressed.

4) Would I be able to come home the next day? (I have never spent a night away from my 8 year old son and I know he will be so upset!!!)

5) What is the recovery like, how long does it take to get back to normal. I have no family help and I don't want to rely on my friends, I'm quite independent.

Perhaps I shouldn't be thinking too far ahead but I kind of feel I need to be prepared.

I love this site, so many helpful people x

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I think non-secreting cysts may sometimes be drained rather than surgically removed. Your endo should be able to advise.

If hemilobectomy is required the remaining thyroid lobe on the right will be expected to produce the required hormone. If it doesn't, Levothyroxine replacement will be required.

Levothyroxine doesn't cause weight increase. I lost 7kg (unwelcome as I had low bmi) when I was prescribed Levothyroxine.

Different surgeons and hospitals have different waiting times. Only your endo or surgeon can advise how long the waiting list is likely to be.

A straightforward hemiblobectomy is usually done as day surgery with an overnight stay for observation and discharge late morning/early afternoon the day after surgery.

Patients are advised to take a couple of weeks off work as you can feel fatigued after any operation involving general anaesthetic and you shouldn't drive until you can comfortably move your neck fully. The major healing of the wound takes place in the first month but healing goes on for up to 18 months.


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply x


Whatever you do refuse point blank anh suggestions of RAI


Thank you for the info. As I'm totally new to this can you tell me what it is and why I should refuse. I need as much info as I possibly can! I have a feeling of something soft stuck in my throat that seems to be getting worse each day and it makes me want to wretch, hopefully they wouldn't leave me weeks to start treatment . . . would they?? X


It sounds like the cyst is growing back in towards your throat hence the pressure and feeling of something stuck

RAI is Radio Active Iodine and they often promote it as an easy fix for an overactive thyroid

I have no idea what they will suggest for you just be warned ...take someone with you ,do some research and get an independant 2nd opinion


Thanks for all the info. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to come with me, I'm hoping the Endo won't mind if I record it, will have to see what he says.


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