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High cholesterol

A locum doctor mentioned four years ago that my cholesterol was high but my own doctor didn't seem concerned. He's retired and after having my annual blood test for an underactive thyroid my new doctor said my cholesterol has been high every year and is now 7.2 and I need statins! Also I've been over medicated for years and need to decrease thyroxine from 100mg to 75mg.

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High cholesterol levels tend to go arm in arm with hypothyroidism but I'd have hoped that yours might have improved if you were appropriately supplemented with levo.

It might be easier for people to comment on your situation if you have the results of any recent blood tests to share, along with their reference ranges plus information about the dosage of levo. that you were taking at the time. E.g., TSH, FT4, FT3, iron panel, vitamins B12 and D, ferritin, folate etc. etc.


Absolute crap ...if your cholesterol is still high you are totally undermedicated

Insist on tests for








Get the actual results then we will be able to tell you best way fwd

GPs sadly know zip about correctly treating hypothyroid and your high cholesterol proves it

On no account take statins


No-one needs statins. Except Big Pharma, who need them to sell and make a fortune out of the people they've scared to death about cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol isn't even a problem in itself, it's just an indication that something is wrong somewhere else in the body, so that the cholesterol cannot be used correctly. It's usually low T3 that causes it to be high. But, as doctors never test for that, they wouldn't know, would they!

Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks and strokes, that is pure propaganda. Cholesterol is an essential nutrient needed by every cell in your body. Especially in the brain. No cholesterol means no sex hormones and no vit D, so lower it at your peril!


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