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Iron confusion


Back in June i had 6 iron infusions because i was so anemic.

A week after my last infusion...26. June

Ferritin 297 (30-400) strange range for female

Iron 32 (49-151)

Transferritin 2.5 (2-3.6)

Trasferritin sat 8.9 (16-45)

13 Sept. (different doc/lab)

Ferritin 73 (50-170) no other iron tests

I'm baffled. After 6 infusions my iron was still low. Doctors ignored my iron and only cared about ferritin. Which yes ferritin is important but should my low iron and trans. sat be ignored.

What does all of this mean in regards my thyroid. I always hear ferritin should be between 70 and 90 but what if iron is too low. I also know inflammation can falsely raise ferrition. So should i focus on raising my iron and not focus on ferritin?

Btw regarding symptoms... feel like hell😢.

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RobinAnn - I don't know enough about iron to be of much help, but if you can see this pdf, look at the "Iron Profile in Selected Conditions" table and you will see that for low serum iron, low transferrin saturation and low transferrin, with high or normal serum ferritin, then you could be looking at Anaemia of Chronic Disease (third from bottom)

Maybe something to look into and discuss with your doctor.

Thanks Susie. I looked at the info. My blood values kind of fit but not completely (hemoglobin is in good shape) or maybe my blood values don't give enough info. In 10 days I'm scheduled for testing because i had eye issues last May that could be an indication that I have another autoimmune disease lurking somewhere. So I'll ask about that.

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