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Feeling Good on Teva

Hello I'm Trish, I am new here although I have been reading the posts for some months. I am always amazed when I read some of the posts at how much information and knowledge there is on this site.

I was diagnosed in 2013 with several thyroid nodules, had RI and subsequently became Hyperthyroid and my current dose of Levothyroxine is 75mcg. When I hand in my prescription I am usually given whatever is in stock and have always had problems with sickness and digestive problems and vertigo, until I was given Teva recently and what a difference! I am feeling really well for the first time in years.

I notice from reading several posts that some people are not happy with Teva, and I'm not really sure why it works for me but it just might be that it is now Lactose Free.

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If Teva works well for you, make sure you get it each time by either having it named on your prescription, or asking your pharmacy to make a note that it is your preferred brand and not to substitute.

By the way, you became hypOthyroid, not hypERthyroid, after RI :)


Hello Seaside Susie

Thanks for your reply, yes I have asked the Pharmacy to make a note, I will also ring them before I collect. The doctors receptionist was not too keen to have it put on the prescription.

Sorry about the spelling error, I do really know the difference.


My surgery wont name brands either, but the pharmacy has a note of my preferred Levo brand on their records, and it's printed on my pharmacy bag labels and I always get it.

Sorry about the spelling error, I do really know the difference

I thought you might, just wanted to be sure :)


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