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Blood Results and advice

I'm currently taking 125 Levo. Finding it impossible to lose any weight despite being gluten free and eating a healthy diet. Also high cholesterol which hasn't changed since being diagnosed with Hashi just over a year ago. All the other usual symptoms brain fog, muscle pains and fatigue. My consultant is happy for me to try some T3 which my GP has prescribed 5mcg twice a day.

Prior to having my bloods taken I was taking a natural iron supplement and Vit B complex. Just wondering if I should continue to supplement with these considering my results.

I would appreciate any advice re my bloods.


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Ellemac You really need to test vitamins and minerals, see where your levels lie and supplement any low levels/deficiencies. If you post your results suggestions can be made for supplementing where necessary.

Vit D




Also, as you are Hashi's, are you gluten free and supplementing with selenium L-selenomethionine 200mcg daily to help reduce antibodies?


Thank you. Dont know what happened I've reposted my results. It's so hard to get Vit and minerals tested by GP and Endo probably need to have them done privately.


You've put them on a new post here healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... . I'll reply there.

Blue Horizon and Medichecks both do vitamins and minerals as part of a thyroid bundle which works out quite reasonable. Not sure what they test individually or the cost.

It looks as though only B12 and folate are missing.


Doctors should routinely do the 4 mentioned and particularly as they help the Thyroid so much usually when we supplement it's for life but you may be able to try a maintenance dose but do it one at a time and recheck to make sure it's not dropping.


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