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4 weeks of lavo 75mg does this look right

Hello I have been on levothyroxine 75 mg for 4 weeks now the thyroid specialist wanted me to get a blood test right away instead of the 6 weeks wait period on a dose change my results are now and I did it in the morning fasting no meds

Tsh 1.74 ranges 45-5.33

Free t4 0.76 ranges 0.61-1.44

Free t3 3.1 ranges 2.3-4.2

I haven't got my vitamin or mineral levels yet what does these readings look good

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You seem to be converting ok, which is good. But, your TSH is still a little high - often best at one or under. And your Frees are still a bit on the low side. However, these could all change in the next two weeks. Bit silly to do a test at 4 weeks.

But, the most important question is : how do you feel?

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Do you think these are better i was on the 88 for 3 months

Tsh 0.84 ranges 0.30-5.00

Free T3 value 2.6 ranges 2.3-4.2

Free t4 value 1.25 ranges 0.80-1.80


Well, no. Your FT3 is much too low, there.


So the tsh is good

But the t3 is low on 88mg?

How can i balance this out in what should the T3 be


The TSH is totally irrelevant. It doesn't matter how low it goes. The important number is the FT3. I'm pretty sure you felt dreadful with your FT3 that low, didn't you? It needs to be in the place that makes you well. If that's mid-range, fine. If that's top of the range, fine again. There is no magic number to aim for. You need to aim to get well.


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