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What normally happens at first endo appointment?

I've got an appointment on the 17th October.

GP has referred me after an ultrasound scan showed a haemorrhagic cyst/nodule on the left side of my thyroid.

Also, it feels like/looks like that an alien is about to pop out of the left side of my neck. I have a very visible pulse in the centre of my neck and all down the left side and today that side of my neck has been 'aching' and feels tight.

What normally happens at a first consultation, is there anything specific I should be asking?


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Hello there i had my 1st endo app last tuesday and have to say it was very basic!! Had to take urine sample, blood pressure, weight, filled out a questionnaire on how i was feeling but that was shoved in a folder and probably wont see daylight again.ha

My endo asked me how i was and then he quickly moved on, looked at results, prescribed meds, did ask a few questions but didnt he agree with his answers, which he got quite shirty about, but i stood my ground. They are more interested in the sound of their own self importance voice.

You will hear many people on this forum saying how rude and ignorant endos are but i hope yours is alot better. I am looking into seeing a private endo at moment.

I have a ultrasound booked by my doctors request has my endo was not interested about my symptons that are very much like your neck and throat problems.

Did you wait to get your results from ultrasound? How long did it take for examination. Did they press hard over the thyroid area as mine hurts to touch sometimes.x


Hi, thanks for replying!

The ultrasound took about 5/10 minutes and yes he did press fairly hard (I just gritted my teeth). I have a haemorrhagic cyst. I am quite concerned about seeing my pulse in my neck which seems to be getting sorer by the day?

Also, my symptoms, I'm not sure if they are just down to everyday life, not enough sleep, being a busy working single mum, menopause, who knows what's real or not!!!

Why were you refereed to see the endo? Do you have a lump? Are your bloods normal? My Doctor seems to think the lump will need to be removed.

I'm really nervous about seeing the endo, only for the fact that I keep hearing bad things about them. I'm so pleased to have found this site, full of so many helpful people who have so much advice to offer. Once I know exactly what I'm dealing with I will def ask peoples opinions on here.



Hi again yes im hyper but have hashimotos and being tested fir graves by endo, still waiting for results, i see endo again in december but endo useless so going to try and get 2nd opinion by private endo cos endo is treating me for hyperthyroidism because of blood levels but really im hypo on a hyper swing as that is hashis.

Yes doctor referred me for ultrasound as he said felt swollen and nobley and because of swallowing problems and a cough and breathless he reckons nodules could be irritating my trachea. But endo wont do it.

Yes endos think they are gods and like the sound of their own voices and like to upset you and most dont have a clue.be assertive and dont be upset by them. You may be fortunate to have someone who listerns.x


Thank you, fingers crossed! x




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