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Blood Test - Timing of Levo / NDT - Skip Afternoon NDT?

Well it's been 9 months since I started on levo and in August I thought I'd found my perfect dose as I felt great. However, that was short lived and so (I'll cut to the chase) 2 weeks ago I reduced my levo and added in some NDT. I'm slowly starting to feel good again, and thinking about blood tests for my own monitoring.

I take my levo and half my NDT at night just before bed (10.30 / 11pm) and the other half of NDT at 2pm. When I was on just levo I would skip my night dose, have a blood test in the morning and take a double dose that night.

I'm not totally sure about what to do now though. I'll skip the night before's levo / NDT dose and take that in the morning after the test, but I'm not sure If I should I take the 2pm NDT the day before?

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Hello I was advised to leave a minimum of 12 hours off all meds before a blood test when on ndt. Maximum of 18 hours. Hope that helps! 😊

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Thank you so much.πŸ’•


Hi solstice think we spoke before I think I am similar to you as in I increase levo dose feel improvement then slowly decline again? I'm currently on 150 levo started 8 months ago and like you had a decent GP who allowed me to increase my dose despite surpressed TSH. Are you ViT levels optimal? Which NDT are you trying? I seem pretty well until I start trying to jog again it's like my body just can't cope with extra exercise?

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Hi Claire, yes I remember suggesting the increase in levo first! Always after an easy path but it wasn't to be for me- is it ever in hypo land!!

Well, I did increase and I felt brilliant for about a month. My nutrient levels are good (tested about 8 weeks ago) rather than great and I'm still supplementing, still grain free, still eating well.

My GP has been great and at my last appointment, having been on 150 levo, we agreed I'd go back in 6 months, she was happy to use my private blood tests so all was looking good. I then had another 2 weeks of continued health and energy, like I'd not had in a couple of years, but gradually I started going downhill again. I wasn't minded to try another increase, I dont think my GP would wear it either and I wasn't up for a battle, my TSH was suppressed as you may remember. I could just hear her saying ' but you said you felt brilliant' what's changed - it must be something else!!!!

I decided that as my conversion wasn't great and my FT4 was close to top but my FT3 just on mid range, to slowly add some NDT. If T3 was relatively accessible I probably would have tried that, but I wasn't up for the hassle or cost.

So 2 weeks on, I'm currently feeling better than I was, though not yet back to great. But having had a taste of that feeling and energy, I want it back and know it's possible.

Assuming I can work a dose/mix that works for me over the next few months, I will tell my GP what I've done in the new year. I think she'll be okay, but just don't see the point of involving her whilst I dabble in finding what suits me.

I'll PM you the details πŸ˜‰

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