Having a blood test. When do I take my Levo?

I now take my Levo about 10 o'clock at night and my blood test is scheduled for 9.15 in the morning. Should I take the dose the night before or wait until after the blood test?

PS I switched from morning to evening after reading all the advice and comments on this website and so far I am pleased that I did so big thanks to everyone.

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  • Miss the night's dose and take after blood test.

  • Eek, I had a blood test today at 8am but took my dose last night, didn't realise. Will it make a big difference to the results??

  • It could make a difference.

  • Great - thanks very much

  • Good to hear the switch was good. We have seen a lot of positives - but, unfortunately, also some negatives.

    Agree with shaws - that is what I do. And, on that one occasion, I do NOT worry about interference with breakfast, etc. :-)


  • Thanks - hopefully one day out of sync won't matter.

  • I have recently switched to bedtime levo too, but I don't think it makes a lot of difference to be honest ( yet)- considering I just used to throw it down my neck at some point in the day with all my other vitamins, I think I made the right decision and will stick with it.

    How many hours should you leave between Levo and a blood test by the way? I too have a blood test tomorrow at 2.10 pm, should I not take my Levo tonight either?

  • I wouldn't. I think Helvella says too, that we should have our blood test first thing a.m. as the TSH is higher.

  • I didn't take it last night, so thanks for that, and have also not taken any of my other tabs or supps either. Would be great if I could choose my blood test time, but unfortunately I am in a rural area with oversubscribed surgery, so have to take what they give me and when they say!!!

  • Hope your results are good.

  • Hi The other thing that effects thyroid tests is Beta Blockers, never take in the morning before thyroid test.

    Best wishes,


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