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Cure for Yersinia and Ehrlichia/Anaplasma?


I'm 23 and I've suffered from gut issues for around 5 years now. I went to a functional doctor and got a positive on my blood test for Yersinia and Ehrlichia/Anaplasm.

My next doctors appointment is in 3 weeks and I really don't want to wait that long to start any kind of treatment. I've got stomach and brain issues daily and I want to start getting better before the doctors appointment.

I understood the best way to treat these are herbal and nutritional. Is there somewhere I can start? I am already on a strict Paleo diet and take strong probiotics and supplements (magnesium, D,C,B,B12) daily.

Thanks so much if you take the time to respond! I'm not feeling well and am confused where to start with the healing.

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I have suffered from yersinia years ago and I had it lurking in my body for over decade , no one cared! I was very ill for long time.

Natural antibiotics like garlic and oregano oil are good for any type of stomach bug especially for yersinia. Swedish Tre Örter is good for eradicating parasites. I am not sure if that exist anymore, but there are plenty of similar products on the market. Google Tre Örter, should find something in English as well.


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