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Side effects of thyroid problems.


Hello, I have just joined this forum. Wondering if any of you suffer from Plantar Fascilitis, which I have just learned is common to people with thyroid problems. I was diagnosed with non functioning thyroid in about 2000, and after initial low dosage of levothyroxine, was finally managing ok at 225mg per day. I had been feeling 'off' for years before that, but always tested borderline. Also at around the same time, I was having problems with my feet, and hobbling around as best I could, but never mentioned to doctor until last year, when it got so bad I could hardly walk.( not mentioned as I had so many other health issues, it was just wearing me out trying to make doc's listen to them; it has all seemed such a struggle, and wears me out. I was diagnosed last summer with Plantar Fascilitis. A year on, and exercises done religiously, insoles and arch suppport in all shoes, etc. nothing has improved, and in fact it has become much worse. I have read online tonight, that this condition is common with thyroid problems, so now posting to see if others have experienced this excruciatingly painful condition. Mine is not improving through the day, as is apparently common, but lasting all day and keeping me awake at night, it is so incredibly painful!!. Wondering what others experience of this is, any hints for maznaging it appreciated. Are there any dietary things I can do to help, etc etc. I was just very surprised that there is a connection, as after all of these years with thyroid, and reading books on it, etc, this is first mention of it. Thanks very much. Linzee.

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Hi Linzee, I'm sure there are others here with the problem. Carpal tunnel is another common condition but perhaps you need to analyze your test results and reach more optimum levels of TSH, FT3, FT4 or even change your treatment. I always felt mineral deficiencies may be behind some symptoms and that can happen with gut problems like inflammation and low acid.

Yes, I developed plantar fasciitis a year or so ago. I consulted Dr Google Abs went into overdrive, did every single thing that was recommended and was very fortunate to be able to get rid of it. I suspect it could come back though if I didn't wear good supportive footwear. I wasn't keen to go down the steroid injection route though so I did everything else I could find.

I found standing on the edge of a stair and stretching my calves very good, I used to freeze a small bottle of water and roll that under my foot and my Pilates teacher / physio suggested alternate hot and cold water dips but she also said to rest it - think she felt I was probably doing too much in the way of exercises. The thing was I was about to go on holiday and I needed to be able to walk. I'd say good supportive shoes and try not to go barefoot.

It is truly one of the most painful things I have ever had, like a red hot poker from my foot to my brain. Absolutely agony. Hope you can get rid of it.

Get your vit d3 tested, mine went away when treated.

Yep got both plantar fasciitis and nerve problems which they said was tarsal tunnel which is extremely painful

Get your vit d3 tested, my PF was dues to this.

Yes vitiman d was good but I live in Australia so there's plenty of sunshine

It's still possible to get a deficiency in Australia if you cover up and wear sunscreen?

I only wear a hat and sunglasses cause of the toxin in sunscreen and sunscreen make vitiman D deficiency

Hi sorry to hear about your plantar fascitits, it is a pretty grim condition.

I suffered a lot with it when I was undiagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism. I had arthritis very young and then Achilles' tendon problems, which I have read can be a precursor to developing hypothyroidism.

My Pf came and went intermittently I used to sleep in a boot contraption that helped a tiny bit but I got proper relief from going gluten free and swapping from levothyroxine (on which I never felt properly well, I had an increase in skeletomuscukar problems on it going on to develop a bakers cyst on my knee, which was a real menace) to natural dessicated thyroid which has given me a huge improvement. The cyst is there but does not hurt as much and the plantar asciitis has gone. So those two might be worth a try, if you don't feel good on Levo you may just need a change in dose. No dose of it suited me and I presume the improvements must be due to the T3 in NDT. Vitamins and minerals are important but SeasiseSusie is our expert here on this area. If she does not post to you here, check her other posts out, she is very helpful and has lots of excellent advice.

My foot problems are still not fully solved as I am getting lumps on the toe joints, have horrible nails...still...these came on with the hypo, and my toes feel like they are on fire! I suspect it is my steel toe cap work boots causing problems as it eases off at the weekend. Time to buy some new ones...

Feet really matter - it is hellish if they go wrong

Good luck in getting yours sorted

Yes, agonizing! Doctor said I have very high arches, so prone to PF. Stretched by putting my toes against the wall, heel on the floor, while supporting my weight with my arms & leaning into the wall. Hope I'm explaining that well. Magnesium oil rubbed on the painful area helped. The best brace I found was cheap--$12 on Amazon. It's light, wraps around the soul & held with Velcro. I wore it 24/7. Relieved the pain quickly.



During my time of becoming hypothyroid, and the first year or so of treatment, I too had Plantar Fasciitis. Further, I have extremely high arches and extremely wide feet.

I had two experts tell me what to do. The first suggested a reverse slope to stand on whilst washing the dishes. That is, a wedge which forced stretching as if walking uphill. It was very uncomfortable and seemed to make things worse.

He also suggested inserts - hard plastic, made for me. Two hours of trying to wear them and I was in extreme agony for a fortnight.

The next expert was rather surprised at my feet (the high arches and width) and seemed to expect me to have always had major problems. Full X-rays and physical examination. He prescribed standing on the bottom step of the staircase with the balls of my feet, and lowering my heels, again to stretch. That too caused agony. Every day I got worse until I simply stopped doing that and slowly recovered.

So that was three unsuccessful interventions by experts.

My next attempt was buying diabetic insoles over the internet. Their supreme softness meant that pressure on the soles/under the arches was far more diffuse. I also used very thin heel wedges. Over weeks and months, the pain reduced. And I use the diabetic insoles to this day - but don't seem to need the heel wedges with my current shoes. (I was lucky that the shoes I already had to wear because of arches and width had the extra depth to allow thick insoles.)

Arch support is, for me, something I cannot abide. If a pair of shoes has arch support that is high enough to do anything, I simply cannot wear them. Only if they are token arch supports which probably don't even reach my arches might they be acceptable.

Alongside that, my levothyroxine dose increased and I generally felt better.

And the experts didn't seem to have any clue that there was a connection between thyroid and PF. Even if they listened and believed, I don't think they absorbed the information and applied it.

Starfish123 in reply to helvella

Get your vit d3 tested, mine was due to this.

Interesting, I tried various insoles and found anything th least bit firm very painful. I ended up buying a pretty expensive pair of Asics trainers Abs Aldo a pair if Sketcher memory foam shoes. Eventually after a while I was able to get on my normal Merrell walking shoes and use normal orthotics but I was terribly sensitive to anything firm.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Fruitandnutcase

These insoles are expensive from this source, but I have this product bought more cheaply (in my size!) as one of several:


I also have suffered with plantar fasciitis but mine went away when I was being treated for a vit d3 deficiency. It is a known sign of vit d3 deficiency but Drs don't seem to know this I only found out by research and reading white papers. I only now get foot pain if my d3 is low.

I recommend solgar softgels I found those the best, but I was treated by the NHS with fultium 3200mg? a day.

I hope it helps.

My PF got better when I got my Free T3 levels higher. I'm pretty sure improving my basic nutrients helped too.

I have a history of sore feet from childhood onwards. As a child I couldn't jump down small distances without shooting pains going through my feet and lower legs. And when I was older, wearing shoes with heels - not particularly high ones - was excruciating. As I got older still I started getting severe pain when I put my feet to the floor first thing in the morning, and when I tried going downstairs for breakfast my ankles wouldn't bend. But thyroid meds and improving nutrient levels made all these issues going away, particularly the morning pain problems - although you still wouldn't catch me wearing heels or jumping off 6 inch high walls.

Two things. Can you post your thyroid results with the ranges. RNges are imporNt as they differ from lab to lab and another other results if you have them of B12, floater ferritin and D3 as they all help the Thyroid as well.

I know what you are saying about Vit D and Australia but if you get tanned skin then that can hinder D being absorbed so it may not be as high as you would think.

Hi just read your post which is interesting as I was diagnosed with this and had no idea it was connected to thyroid problems it is really painful but since being on Thyroxine it's not so bad, I do wear insoles in certain shoes and try to do exercises hope it gets better for you 😊

I also had it........ for me it took almost 2 years to get real relief............ I do know that I got it from walking on rock surfaces for hours at an event and standing in a line for a few hours on the same trip.......... I tried everything........... except injections in my feet. I still have a small bit of it and seem to get a shock like feeling in one foot. It's a mess....... I wish I had the answer........ I spent so much time looking for answers......Keep everyone posted if you find anything that helps you!


Can be due to poor conversion of T4 to T3

If FT4 is too high and FT3 too low

Post all your results including ranges, plus vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Do you have Hashimoto's (high thyroid antibodies)

linzee3 in reply to SlowDragon

I dont really have print out of those things I am sorry to say; doc just says things are fine after the routine blood test. For years, maybe ten, I was on 225 of levothryroxine, til last summer when it suddenly became too high and they told me to reduce it to 150. So recently the blood results showed it was too low again and have been taking 175 but up to 200 for last week. Apart from that blip last year, the docs have always said my t3 and t4 are fine, one is spot on, thier/his, words, and the other slightly too high but they said my body just got rid of the little bit extra ie my urine. Bloods have been tested within this month, and all vits and minerals were ok, but I do suffer from my body not absorbing potassium. I am confused as to whether I have hashimotos, as originally doc said my white blood cell count was really high and my thyroid was attacking itself, and it was fully non functioning and would never work again. I am sure he told me hashimotos. But he retired years ago, and when I had to go for ESA assessment in July, after my knee replacement op, I mentioned I had hashimotos, and they said my records said I had a low thyroid. So I I do know that everything else began at same time as my thyroid, and I seem to have all the symtoms of hashimotos, but i really dont know.I have just reached a time of utter exhaustion with doctors etc, as it has all been such a struggle! What i do know is that there seems to always be lots of lost info ie my medical records, with things going astray. and recently i was told results of my urine test were normal, when i hadnt even given a urine sample! LOL but they swore they had tested mine! Someone had a normal urine test, but it wasnt me on that occasion!!

Hi Linzee3 I have had plantar facitis a few times and the only thing that helps me and makes it go is using a rolling pin and moving the arch of my foot over it for about fifty times and doing it about three-four times per day and it always does the trick. It is very painful when you start moving the foot over the rolling pin, but you must keep on and I find it always makes it go away. Hope this helps you.

Marguerite9 xx

linzee3 in reply to Marguerite9

Thanks Marguerite. I am useless with the frozen bottle or ball, but rolling pin sounds more manageable so I will give it a go!

Marguerite9 in reply to linzee3

thats good Linzee, but keep doing it. It will be painful first of all but keep at it.

It always works for me and i do hope it does the trick for you.

God Bless you,

Marguerite9 x

linzee3 in reply to Marguerite9

Hi Margurite, Thanks very much. I will do it today as part of my regime. I have found that the standing on a step with my heels off and down as far as I can get them, has helped a lot up til this last bout, so fingers crossed adding rolling pin to regime will nudge this bout of extreme PF in a more positive direction. Tried the frozen bottle in the past but all it did was make my carpet wet and wrench my operated knee. Rolling pin sounds much more managable!! Oddly, I woke this morning to have relatively painfree walking, so something happened overnight. Hope it means to stay away for a while, and of course I will keep doing the exercises as deterant.

I have suffered from two rounds of planters fasciitis since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in the 1980s . The exercises that I found online with the best but it's slow healing it takes a year to 18 months to repair . The exercises basically said been the toes back as far as you can and hold that position . Glucosomine helped so much (but the good kind is expensive). Also arch supports and proper shoes. Both times I brought the PF on myself by walking miles in dress shoes instead of proper sports type shoes - NEVER again! My vanity will take a back seat.

I agree also that a good mineral supplement is needed but glucosamine and can droid him or to the things that really help that ligament to heal .

linzee3 in reply to dtate2016

Thank you for your response. I do exercises, but because of my knee op, I am finding the ones physio gave me are not that good as messing up my knees, but I do the ones in bed with a towel to pull toes forwards, and also i stand on a step with heels hanging off, and put wieght down into them, which I think seems the most effective, for me at least. Rolling a ball or bottle doesnt seem to do much for me. What sort of glucosmine do you use please? I think my shoes are all ok and I wear arch supportand gel heel thingies too, though interested to know what brands have worked best for people? I do think I am my own worst enemy also though as at the slightest lessening of pain, i then do something, but even a half hour standing is agony and sends me back into days, and nights of agony, so I think I must res tit totally, with no exceptions. Will look into a good mineral supplemet. Thank you for sharing your advice ans story.

Commiserations from a fellow sufferer! In addition to the standard treatments -- rest, stretching, rolling, icing, taping, and insoles -- there are other things that may be worth trying whilst you work on getting your hormones and nutrients sorted. A good discussion of these can be found in the book Injury Afoot: 30 Things You Can Do to Relieve Heel Pain and Speed Healing of Plantar Fasciitis by Patrick Hafner. I personally found acupuncture to be very helpful. I also use Yoga Toes, which help stretch and align the feet. Miranda Hart is a fan. :)

I would caution against corticosteroid injections and taking a lot of NSAIDS. (just my opinion!) I munched a lot of ibuporofen just so I could funtion and I suspect that may have been a major contributor to my intestinal permeability.

Good luck getting your feet and your thyroid sorted. Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

linzee3 in reply to wellness1

Thank you for your advice and reply also. I have noted down the books and Yogatoes, and will look into them. I think probably my hormonal levels are fineI get all this tested regularily, recent bloods are all fine with nutrients, but I do have an ongoing problem with potassium levels, for which i have to drink a disgusting drink on occasion, as my body doesn't seem to absorb it normally. I think I will drink some as I hate it so much, I haven't taken it recently, so maybe there is a connection between my foot pain and lack of Potassium. I am supposed to drink it a few times a month as a maitainance strategy so my levels dont get as low as they once did. Afraid i will never ever resort to acupuncture, after a very painful introduction to it in the past when I nearly jumped off the table and ran screaming from the room! Actually the rest of session had been painfree, but when she put needles into my ankles at the back, it was sheer hell. (Which makes me think there may have been a connection to the plantar fasc.) But once i get my p0ension next month, I may be able to have reflexology which has similar principles. I have loads of painkillers on prescription for arthritis and etc- I dont think they are having adverse effects on my digestion , though some I had in past definately did. I have had injections into my knees in the past, which have helped somewhat, but as feet are so load bearing, I am not sure that muffling the pain there will help as it will cause more wear and tear on tendons and scar tissue build up, so IMO seems a bit counter productive.?

Coming late to the party here but I didn't realise it's a thyroid thing so I'm glad of the information as a sufferer. Just made my feet much less painful by purchasing some Haflinger slippers from Amazon. All day on my feet yesterday and this morning very little pain. They're very well reviewed on Amazon by p f sufferers.

linzee3 in reply to Bertwills

Not as late as me in finding the thread to see replies though! LOL. I will also check out Hafflinger. I cant even imagine being on feet all day and little pain! I hope this continues to improve for you.

Hello I can so sympathise with your pain I had it for 6 years but was only diagnosed with hypothyroidism this year didn't realise there was a link !!! I found pro 2 wellbeing insoles the best they do a half or full so I could wear them even in ballerina shoes and slippers. Never go barefoot. Also high arch trainers such as karrimor were great but get 1/2 size bigger as small fit. Hope this helps !!

linzee3 in reply to Trinav

Hello, and sorry for my late reply, as i am new to the site, and have only just realized the bell logo at the top is an indication of posts I am following or posted! I am a little technically challenged! Very sorry to hear you have also had this painful complaint. I too was surprised ie a link with thyroid, but then I suppose as the thyroid is called the master gland of the body, we should not be surprised at all. Thanks so much for your advice ie insoles and trainers. I will definately check them out. I have bought lots of insoles and heel pad things on ebay, and they do help a little, but am currently wearing 4 one on top of other, ( LOL- princess and the pea scenario!?) as so painful currently. I had a knee replacement in March, and it seems to have set this off with a vengeance, as things are now in different alignment ( according to physio). Its been far worse since the op, I never go barefoot and my shoes are all sensible with about 3/4 chunky heel. Though I have read that a higher heel can take the pressure off heel sometimes. Not sure my knee is ready for that though.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has responded to this thread. I apologise for the delay in getting back to you all. I thought I'd get email notification or something, but i aM generally quite dim as regards techy stuff! Now answering your comments and advice, but working my way from the last poster up to the first poster. ( what can I say- I like to be different! The last thread was the one which showed first on my screen, hence working upwards in reverse order, but am now really tired so will have top answer others tomorrow. But thank youall so much for advice.I think I am somewhat not on the ball as regards my test results ect. I am learning lots from you! Will continue tomorrow. thanks again.

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