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Polymyalgia. How can i help myself?

Hello HU. Im new to this site and following a worsening of my symptoms I am seeking help for myself. I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia in December 2016 and prescribed Prednisolone which I have been reducing from 15mg daily since December '16. At 5mg my symptoms returned so I am back on 6mg and they are still getting worse. Rather than upping my dose of steroids I want to try other methods. I am thinking that there must be a better way? Any tips on diet or other suggestions would be much appreciated from anyone out there who has any knowledge of this strange syndrome.

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Hi Violet. :)

You've come to a forum which discusses thyroid problems - but actually, that may have been fortunate, as folk with polymyalgia often have hypothyroidism as well. Do you?

Thought you might find this thread interesting: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...


Evening Violet, try the PMRGCA forum on healthUlocked I suffered with PMR and with good advice from the members i managed to reduce and come of the pred. the one thing i would advice is to reduce very slowly or else you will be forever having flare ups. Take care, Dave.


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